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Working your way to Better Health
Lee Memorial Health System
It may be an exaggeration to say your work is killing you, but it could be contributing to your overall health. As more Americans spend their days behind a desk they're becoming more sedentary.

Promoting Health in the Workplace
Lee Memorial Health System
Along with all the things that go right in a productive workplace, occasionally things go wrong. Attending to health care needs on the job is what launched the field of occupational health.

Why Am I Not Motivated?
Dr. Klapow helps you find the motivation to make a change in wellness and healthy living.

Diet and Health Video
This indepth video examines the topic of a healthy diet.  They look at what a healthy/balanced diet is, why it's important, and what "food combining."Then they look at how a healthy diet can affect energy level, mood, fertility, joint pain/inflammation, and length of life.  Finally, they talk about "quality calories," tips for maintaining a healthy diet "on the run," and what foods to avoid for a healthy diet.

VideoJug: Diet And Health

Introduction to Nutrition Video
This video first discusses the difference between a registered dietician and a nutritionist.  They they look at the Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA), what constitutes "one serving" of food, what the food pyramid it, how the pyramid was changed in 2005, what information can be found on a food label, and what calories are.

VideoJug: Introduction To Nutrition