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Miss Sun and Mr. Moon: Reality Bytes Roamantasy - Part II

Mark Gorkin, LCSW ("The Stress Doc")

The allegory of Miss Sun and Mr. Moon continues. Miss Sun, after obtaining mythological and psychological support from the Stress Doc, gets a referral to the computer wizard, the Cyber Doc. Will he be able to help Miss Sun achieve her heaven on Earth? And how will Mr. Moon respond if moon beams and sun dreams don't mix?

The parable of Miss Sun and Mr. Moon continues. With the aid of Earthling technology, our celestial heroes have finally established contact in cyberspace. As their intimate correspondence evolves, Mr. Moon is ready to elope and start a new intergalactic family. Miss Sun, while attracted to Mr. Moon, and somewhat burnt out on her daily ritual, is ambivalent. Both wonder what's real, what's romantasy? Also, Miss Sun has her own fantasy: to see if she can transcend her celestial nature and become an earthly star as wellin Planet Hollywood!

We left off with Miss Sun discovering the Stress Doc while surfing the internet. The Doc encourages her dreams and plans. He recognizes the mythological precedent of gods and goddesses visiting Earth. And then the Stress Doc's thinking takes a technological turn. Let the tale continue.

The Techno-Spiritual Challenge

Once convinced of her commitment, the Stress Doc now recommended that Miss Sun do online consulting with a colleague of his -- "The Cyber Doc." The Stress Doc was quite sure that this cyberwizard would be able to help Miss Sun. By using the latest tools and techniques in bio-engineering, bio-cybernetics, computer graphics and telescopic photography he would create a human-holographic-like clone using one of her sunspots. His creation would make her more than virtually human. She would be able to live among the Earthlings. (I must confess, dear reader, with a right brain hemisphere clearly dominating the left, I can not truly convey the breadth and depth of the Cyber Doc's genius in the realm of bio-cyber design, cloning and illusion. But, trust me, Miss Sun has found the perfect cutting edge computer nerd for forging an earthly-cosmic pass in the impasse. Let's just hope Miss Sun has some acting potential.)

Miss Sun was excited, yet also apprehensive. She and the Cyber Doc would definitely be pushing the virtual reality envelope. The Stress Doc acknowledged that cloning was a controversial procedure for the human race. Many felt it was tampering with natural law and God's way. Some believed it raised profound questions about whether God even existed. The Stress Doc admitted he was a Jewish Atheist. (And that his biggest concern was that people would accuse him of being redundant.)

Miss Sun strongly believed in the need for scientific progress, but also had mixed feelings about the human race's capacity to fuse innovation and wisdom. Miss Sun still could recall her severe allergic reaction to all the nuclear testing over the past decades. And now, because of human ignorance and arrogance, the ever growing holes in the Ozone layer too often were turning her life giving solar energy into rays of disease, destruction and drought. Miss Sun told the Stress Doc that she would carefully evaluate all he had shared.

After another high-powered day, Miss Sun, in her haven below the horizon, pondered her previous exchange with the Doc. She decided to speak with Mr. Moon about her conflicting and far-reaching thoughts. Miss Sun wanted to be up front with him, even if this meant hurting Mr. Moon's feelings or risking Mr. Moon's wrath. Their friendship was too important not to be totally honest in this matter.

Confronting Mr. Moon

At their appointed cyber rendezvous time, Miss Sun frankly expressed her desires and plans: "Oh, Mr. Moon. I hope you know how much you mean to me. All the wonderful hours and laughs we've shared. You've helped me discover so much about myself, about the importance of nurturing my dreams. And, also, why I must personally harness my energy and gifts. Please don't think me selfish. Right now, I must pursue a life that reflects my individual essence, not just some universal cosmic order. While the thought of starting a new galaxy with you is tempting...I'm just not ready for another "Big Bang."

Our celestial cyber-ite then shared a quote of the Stress Doc's that had struck a hot button:

We are not what we believe. Is it because what we believe is not possible or because we refuse to become what we believe?

These words had immediately resonated deep into Miss Sun's core and had generated a sense of trust and soulidarity with the Stress Doc. Our restless star was determined to discover if she could build a career bridge between celestial and earthly possibilities and realities.

Mr. Moon could feel his heart freeze and the luminosity begin to drain from his face. He was about to type, "WELL I GUESS YOU'VE GOT TO DO WHAT YOU'VE GOT TO DO"... when he recognized his cool attitude and angry detachment as a cover for his pain. And Mr. Moon also realized that his friendship with Miss Sun had been too important to hide behind a persona of Mr. Macho Moon. He began to take on a reddish hue and tears started trickling onto the keyboard. Mr. Moon forced himself to be real.

Mr. Moon acknowledged feeling sad and empty, yet also shared that he understood having a compelling need to forge and express one's fullest essence. And once Mr. Moon connected to that burning need to discover and design his own persona and path, he could let go of his feelings of rejection and anger. Our cyber suitor could offer his genuine support for Miss Sun. Mr. Moon then said to his celestial sweetheart, "I have been closer to Earthlings than you. As you are navigating your path on Earth, if you'd like, I will be here for you in cyberspace as mentor and muse. My dark, intuitive side tells me we are destined to be celestial soul mates one day. But, alas, our timing is not right." (Mr. Moon also figured one of them better stay heaven bound, or all hell could break loose.)

Dear reader, before becoming unduly impressed with Mr. Moon's higher path response to Miss Sun's plans, rest assured Mr. Moon's noble offer will not be the last word. Remember, regarding matters of the heart, there's often a delicate boundary between lunacy and jealousy.

A Mystical Moon

Miss Sun was very thankful for having such an understanding, soulful friend. She too believed their celestial destinies were tiedbut before she could join Mr. Moon in his quest for Soular Fusion she must embark on her earthly mission.

Mr. Moon hesitated, then typed: "Miss Sun, have I ever spoken about my mystical-like experience? It was a rare cosmic unfolding that gave me insight into the potential for the oneness of the universe and the possibility for wholeness within our celestial beings. And it's why I understand the need to get closer to one's inner essence, one's gifts and talents, passion and pain as a foundation for the Soular Fusion experience."

Miss Sun was spellbound and excitedly asked Mr. Moon to continue. She sensed learning of his mysterious journeys throughout the universe would open up psychic and cosmic vistas necessary for pioneering her uncommon path.

Well, dear reader, we again have come to a natural resting point. I hope you, like Miss Sun, are sufficiently spellbound. The next installment will illuminate in vivid detail, "The Dark Night of the Lunar Soul." Until then, of course... Practice Safe Stress!

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