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A New Way to Look at Alzheimer’s
Lee Memorial Health System
As a neurointerventional radiologist, Nasser Razack is used to peering into the brain. That gives him a window to view one of the most troubling degenerative diseases: Alzheimer’s.

Why delayed onset of mental illness? Genes impact suspect brain areas late
Thickening of cortex areas implicated in mental illness shows increasing genetic influence as the brain develops in childhood and adolescence, NIMH researchers have found. These areas also happen to be the latest to evolve and the last to mature.

Psychiatry and the Brain Video
This video looks at how a healthy brain works, including what neurotransmitters are and how they affect behavior.  Then they focus on serotonin, dopamine and norephrine, as well as the most common causes of mental disorders.

VideoJug: Psychiatry And The Brain

Cancer in Your Genes
Lee Memorial Health System
With so much attention paid to cancer risk, it turns out for some people, cancer is in their genes - which is why many people are turning to genetic counselors.

Development of the Young Brain
For more than twenty years, National Institute of Mental Health neuroscientist Dr. Jay Giedd has studied the development of the adolescent brain. Decades of imaging work have led to remarkable insight and a more than a few surprises.