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Too Little Vitamin D May Add to Obesity's BurdenObesity-Related Enzyme Targeted in Mouse StudyReview: Bariatric Surgery Cuts Cardiovascular Disease, DeathWeight-Loss Surgery Cuts Risk for Heart Attack, Death: StudySGO: Bariatric Surgery Linked to Reduced Uterine Cancer RiskGenes May Influence Weight Gain From Fried Foods: StudyWeight Loss May Boost Success of Joint-Replacement SurgeryWider Waistline May Mean Shorter Lifespan: StudyScientists Spot New Obesity GeneA Little Weight Loss May Ease Sleep ApneaAverage Obese Woman Gets Just 1 Hour of Exercise a Year: StudySustained Weight Loss Prevents Sleep Apnea ProgressionScientists ID New Genes Linked to Belly FatHealth Tip: Losing Weight? Reduce Your Risk of GallstonesMedia Focus on Obesity May Backfire for Some WomenWomen More Open to Weight-Loss SurgeryBlack Women Lose Less Weight Despite Similar Dieting, ExerciseTake Talk of Weight Off the Holiday MenuStudy: Black Women Lose Less Weight Than White Women on Same DietEar Acupuncture May Hold Promise for Weight LossSatisfaction With Weight Linked to Happy RelationshipsStudy of Severely Obese Family Leads to Gene DiscoveryWeight Loss Can Combat Irregular Heart Beat, Study SaysObesity Is Driving Surge in Knee Replacements, Study FindsKidney Patients May Face Serious Side Effects From Weight-Loss SurgeryWeight-Loss Surgery Safe for Very Obese Teens, Study SaysRomance Can Sour When Only One Partner Slims DownAnti-Obesity Messages May Inadvertantly Up Eating DisordersWeight-Loss Surgery May Add to Painkiller Dependence, Study Says10 Percent Weight Loss May Relieve Arthritic Knee PainHealth Tip: Is a Medical Condition Affecting Your Weight?'Maintain, Don't Gain' May Work Best for Obese Black WomenObesity's Death Toll May Be Much Higher Than ThoughtUrging Your Partner to Diet May BackfireGene Tied to Obesity in HumansFat-Cell 'Switch' May Determine Whether Body Stores Energy or Burns ItResearchers Identify Genetic Link to Obesity in MiceAs Years Spent Obese Rise, So Do Heart RisksCould a Gene Help Make You Obese?Night Owls May Pack on More PoundsHealth Tip: Get Active!U.S. Doctors' Group Labels Obesity a DiseaseDeep Brain Stimulation Studied as Last-Ditch Obesity TreatmentWeight Loss Reduces Psoriasis SeverityWeight Loss Might Ease Psoriasis, Study HintsDDW: Weight Loss Improves GERD SymptomsAge Amplifies Damage From Obesity, Study Finds'Eating More Protein' Strategy Helps Women Lose WeightMoney Motivates Weight Loss -- One Step at a TimePhysicians Less Empathetic in Talking to Heavy Patients
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