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The Life Cycle of a Relationship Video
This indepth video looks at the five phases of a romantic relationship, including the attraction, honeymoon, reality, commitment and marriage phases. They describe each phase and issues that can arise during that phase, as well as mistakes people can make in navigating the life cycle of a romantic relationship.

VideoJug: The Life Cycle Of A Relationship

The Relationship Stress Test Video
This video looks at the various levels of relationship stress that can occur from level one (no stress at all) to level four (extreme stress/warfare).  At each stage, they describe the features of that level and with the upper levels, they also look at common factors that contribute to that level of stress.

VideoJug: The Relationship Stress Test

Committed Relationships Video
This video begins with a look at when it's the right time to turn a casual relationship into a serious one, the secrets to a healthy romantic relationship, and signs that someone may be in an unhealthy one.  They also look at when a relationship should become an intimate one, the effects it can have on the relationship and what happens if one person breaks the trust of the relationship by cheating with another person.

VideoJug: Committed Relationships

Your Parents and Your Relationships Video
This very brief video looks at the effects a person's parents have on their future romantic relationships.  They discuss whether one parent's influence matters more than another and also whether a difficult childhood relationship with parents means that romantic relationships will be more difficult.

VideoJug: Your Parents And Your Relationships

Communicating in a Relationship Video
This video looks at ways to effectively and productively use communication in a committed relationship.  They look at how to be a better listener and why it's so important to be a good listener in a relationship.  Then they look at having a serious relationship discussion and how both sides can best explain their viewpoints in a respectful way and what to do if the discussion isn't going well.

VideoJug: Communicating In A Relationship