Eating Disorders
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Eating Disorders Topic Center
This topic center focuses on Eating Disorders (Anorexia Nervosa, Bulimia Nervosa, and Binge Eating) and includes information on historical understandings of the disorders, symptoms, causes, treatments and ways to cope.  In addition, the topic center also includes links to valuable resources, related blog entries, questions and answers, and the opportunity to share experiences through an online support community.

The Eating Disorder Site
Eating Disorders Online
An eating disorder information source that includes different aspects from symptoms, causes, side effects, and treatment, with organizations, postings from sufferers, definitions, recovery, and support (both online and offline). This site is very helpful. The navigation of this site is easy with an informative site map, and the graphics are simple, yet still manage to look nice.

Something Fishy
Something Fishy
Excellent site that has oodles of information about eating disorders, links to the Eating Disorder FAQ, poems, chat rooms, and stories from others suffering from bulimia and anorexia. If you have an eating disorder, or know someone who does that you care about, this is the site to check out and read thoroughly. Updated frequently, well-designed, and a pleasure to visit time and time again. The authors also maintain sites at and

Body Image Betrayal & Related Issues
Wendy S McWhorter-Finney
The Body Image Betrayal & Related Issues (BIBRI) homepage is the starting point for information regarding eating disorders and related issues, including obsessive compulsive disorder, abuse, and violence/rape. It offers various links, as well as personal experiences, poetry and a large list of alternative suggestions. It also openly discusses therapy abuse.

Eating Disorders
Colleen Thompson
Lots of information to help individuals along the way to recovery. Information ranges from signs and symptoms to relapse warning signs.