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AMHC is a private, non-profit mental health care organization based in Northern Maine. Incorporated in 1964, AMHC has evolved into a community health organization offering a wide variety of outpatient and residential services including: Community Support, Mental Health, Substance Abuse, Emergency Services, Employee & Student Assistance, Psychological Testing, and Assessment and Consultation and Education.

Senior Leadership
Aroostook Mental Health Center's (AMHC's) Senior Management Team combines experience, dedication and support in building a continuum of high quality, comprehensive and cost effective health services.

Mission, Vision and Values
AMHC's Mission: To work together to promote the well being of our community by providing healthcare, social, and educational services. AMHC's Vision: To be an example of dedication to customers and to be recognized as a leader in providing comprehensive healthcare. AMHC's Values: We believe in service to others based on a foundation of mutual respect for individual rights, responsibilities, and abilities.

More than 30 years ago, four people came together in a discontinued wing of a local community hospital to pursue a single mission--to enhance the quality of life and promote the well-being of the community through the provision of quality mental health, substance abuse, and speech and language services.

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Aroostook Mental Health Services, Inc.
P. O. Box 1018 Caribou, Maine 04736 Phone: (207) 498-6431

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