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Pregnancy May Lengthen Life of Zika Virus Infection - 2016-06-29
"Infection with the Zika virus may protect against future infection, but pregnancy seems to extend how long the virus stays in the body, according to findings published online June 28 in Nature Communications." More

Unsatisfactory Chewing, Poor Diet Up Hospital Stay in Elderly - 2016-06-29
"For older adults, unsatisfactory chewing ability and poor diet are associated with longer hospital stays, according to a study published in the June issue of the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society." More

Prostate Cancer Diagnoses Down From 2011 to 2013 - 2016-06-29
"From 2011 to 2013 there was a decrease in prostate cancer diagnoses, especially for younger men and low-risk disease, according to a research letter published online June 23 in JAMA Oncology." More

For Better Skin Cancer Checks, Partner Up - 2016-06-29
"Melanoma survivors benefited when they and a loved one got training in spotting malignancies, study found." More

Stay Alert for Child Drowning Dangers This Summer - 2016-06-29
"More than half of victims are under 5, but older kids and teens still at risk." More

Religion a Buffer Against Suicide for Women, Study Suggests - 2016-06-29
"Going to services at least once a week seemed to reduce the odds fivefold." More

Sufficient Sleep May Help Protect Men Against Diabetes: Study - 2016-06-29
"Too much, too little lowered body's ability to break down sugar, but that was not the case for women." More

FDA Asks How Safe Is That Hand Sanitizer? - 2016-06-29
"Agency wants proof the products kill bacteria and are harmless over time." More

Health Tip: Fuel Up for a Day at the Beach - 2016-06-29
"Pack healthier, non-perishable snacks " More

Allergists: Daily Bath OK for Kids With Eczema - 2016-06-29
"The key is immediately following tub time with moisturizer." More

Methylene Blue Appears to Boost Brain's Memory Centers - 2016-06-28
"Methylene blue may increase activity in brain regions involved in short-term memory and attention, according to a study published online June 28 in Radiology." More

Two Vaccines Deemed Feasible Against Zika Virus Infection - 2016-06-28
"Experimental studies support the effectiveness of two vaccine candidates against the Zika virus, according to research published online June 28 in Nature." More

Arthritis Possible Side Effect of Certain Cancer Drugs: Study - 2016-06-28
"Doctors should weigh the risk-benefit ratio, researcher says." More

Not Kidding: Childless Couples Happier - 2016-06-29
"Lack of standard paid leave in U.S. takes toll on parents' well-being, study finds." More

AAP: Doctors Should Screen Teens for Suicide Risk Factors - 2016-06-28
"Suicide is the second leading cause of death among U.S. teens, and health care providers should screen teen patients for suicide risks, according to a report published online June 27 in Pediatrics." More

3637 articles available (Viewing 1 - 15)