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Guidelines Developed for Pain Management in Cancer Survivors - 2016-07-26
"Guidelines have been developed for chronic pain management in adult cancer survivors. The American Society of Clinical Oncology Clinical Practice Guideline was published online July 25 in the Journal of Clinical Oncology." More

Delaying Pregnancy Could Reduce Risk of Zika Infection - 2016-07-26
"For the population of Colombia, pregnancy delays of sufficient duration can reduce the risk of prenatal Zika virus infections, according to research published online July 26 in the Annals of Internal Medicine." More

Recent Increases in Rate of Hep C Detection in Young Women - 2016-07-26
"From 2011 to 2014 there were increases in the rate of hepatitis C virus detection among women of childbearing age, according to research published in the July 25 early-release issue of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report." More

Roll Up Your Sleeves: Red Cross Says Blood Need 'Urgent' - 2016-07-26
"There's currently less than a 5-day supply, group says." More

U.S. Panel Says Evidence 'Insufficient' to Recommend Skin Cancer Screenings - 2016-07-26
"But dermatology experts disagree and worry opportunities to save lives will be missed." More

Health Tip: Hormones Can Affect Women's Dental Health - 2016-07-26
"Here's how " More

Put Birth Control in Place Right After Childbirth - 2016-07-26
"Placement of IUD, contraceptive implant after delivery helps prevent accidental pregnancy, doctors advise." More

'Managing' Elderly Patients Without Powerful Antipsychotics - 2016-07-26
"Staff training can help eliminate inappropriate practices in nursing homes, study says." More

Even a Little Exercise May Help Younger Women's Hearts - 2016-07-25
"Those active about 2.5 hours a week had 25 percent lower disease risk than those who weren't, study found." More

Is Binge-Watching Hazardous to Your Health? - 2016-07-26
"Risk of death from blood clot rises along with TV time, study finds." More

Behavioral Activation Therapy Viable Option in Depression - 2016-07-25
"Behavioral activation therapy is as effective as cognitive behavioral therapy for treating depression in adults, according to a study published online July 22 in The Lancet." More

Total Drug Expenditures Projected to Increase in 2016 - 2016-07-25
"Total drug expenditures are expected to increase by 11 to 13 percent in 2016, according to a study published online in the American Journal of Health-System Pharmacy." More

Arsenic-Contaminated Water Linked to Skin Cancer in U.S. - 2016-07-25
"Arsenic-contaminated water, at levels below the 2001 Environmental Protection Agency maximum, is associated with skin cancer in U.S. populations, according to a review published online July 15 in the International Journal of Dermatology." More

'Heat Dome' Contines to Scorch Much of U.S. - 2016-07-25
"Eastern part of country still in its grip; experts offer safety advice." More

Bipolar Diagnosis May Take Up to 6 Years - 2016-07-25
"Researcher calls delay a 'lost opportunity' for treatment." More

3565 articles available (Viewing 1 - 15)