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Cannabis Provides More Pain Relief for Men Than Women - 2016-08-24
"Men seem to exhibit greater cannabis-induced analgesia relative to women, according to a study published online Aug. 5 in Drug and Alcohol Dependence." More

Metformin May Help Treatment-Associated Weight Gain in ASD - 2016-08-24
"Metformin may be effective in decreasing weight gain associated with atypical antipsychotic use in autism spectrum disorder, according to a study published online Aug. 24 in JAMA Psychiatry." More

Steep Rise in U.S. Drug Prices Tied to Patent Monopolies - 2016-08-24
"Prescription drug prices are skyrocketing in the United States due in large part to government regulations, according to a study published in the Aug. 23/30 issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association." More

Adult-Onset Asthma Might Raise Heart Risks - 2016-08-24
"But shared risk factors, such as air pollution, might explain the connection, researchers say." More

Stress May Take Greatest Toll on Younger Women's Hearts: Study - 2016-08-24
"Female heart disease patients under 50 were 4 times more likely than male peers to show effects, study found." More

Senior Years May Truly Be Golden for Happiness - 2016-08-24
"Researchers find people get less stressed and are more content as they age." More

Cancer on Course to Become Top Killer of Americans - 2016-08-24
"Report shows it will probably eclipse heart disease as leading cause of death in coming years." More

Kids' Mild Brain Injury Can Have Long-Term Effects - 2016-08-24
"Early head trauma linked to psychiatric, financial issues as adults, study finds." More

Children Shouldn't Consume More Than 6 Tsp of Added Sugars a Day - 2016-08-23
"Children and teens should consume no more than 6 teaspoons of added sugars a day, a new American Heart Association statement advises. The statement, published online Aug. 22 in Circulation, is based on a review of available scientific research on how sugar affects children's health." More

Benefits, Harms of Breast Cancer Screening Vary With Risk, Density - 2016-08-23
"For women aged 50 years and older, benefits and harms of breast cancer screening vary with risk and breast density for all screening intervals, according to a study published online Aug. 23 in the Annals of Internal Medicine." More

Pudendal Nerve Entrapment Can Lead to Eating Disorder - 2016-08-23
"Pudendal nerve entrapment leading to avoidant/restrictive food intake disorder has been described in a case report published online Aug. 19 in the International Journal of Eating Disorders." More

Fast Action Can Prevent Sepsis Death: CDC - 2016-08-23
"Know the signs of extreme response to infection, consider it a 'medical emergency'" More

ADHD More Often Missed in Minority Kids - 2016-08-23
"Study found disparities in diagnosis, treatment rates." More

Slight Decline in U.S. Prevalence of Latent TB From 2000 to 2011 - 2016-08-22
"From 2000 to 2011 there was a slight decline in the prevalence of latent tuberculosis infection in the United States, according to a study published in the Aug. 15 issue of the American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine." More

ACA Has Increased Rx Drug Use, Cut Out-of-Pocket Spending - 2016-08-22
"The Affordable Care Act has increased prescription use and reduced out-of-pocket spending, according to a report published online Aug. 17 in Health Affairs." More

3399 articles available (Viewing 1 - 15)