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Opioid Prescriptions Drop for First Time in Two Decades - 2016-05-23
"In a sign that the opioid epidemic might be waning, new data show that the number of opioid prescriptions has dropped for the first time in 20 years." More

Late Dinners Won't Doom Kids to Obesity - 2016-05-23
"Study found eating after 8 p.m. was not linked to increased risk for weight gain." More

At Least 1 Full-Time Nurse Per School, Pediatric Group Recommends - 2016-05-23
"Children's health needs are increasingly complex, requiring more time and expert care." More

Home Remedy For Skin Cancer May Cause Damage, Mask New Growth - 2016-05-23
"'Black salve' made FDA's fake cancer cures list." More

Fertility Info Lacking for Young Women Who Beat Cancer - 2016-05-23
"Two-thirds said they would've liked more advice on preserving ability to have children, study shows." More

Tai Chi: Rx for Arthritic Knees - 2016-05-23
"As effective as physical therapy, study suggests, plus it might also improve depression." More

Seeing the Sea Soothes Stress - 2016-05-21
"But study did not find similar benefit for people living near parks, forests." More

CDC: New Method of Identifying Pregnant Women With Zika Virus - 2016-05-20
"The number of pregnant women in the United States infected with the Zika virus has just tripled because cases are now being counted in a more comprehensive way, federal health officials said Friday." More

Overweight Colorectal CA Patients Display Better Survival Odds - 2016-05-20
"Overweight colorectal cancer patients may have better survival than their normal-weight peers, according to research published online May 19 in JAMA Oncology." More

Newer Drugs Helping Older People With Eye Disease - 2016-05-20
"Treatments keeping those with macular degeneration reading and driving longer, study finds." More

Concussion Tied to More School Problems Than Other Sports Injuries - 2016-05-20
"Study suggests need for 'return-to-learn' guidelines." More

ASCO: Phase I Cancer Drug Trials Benefit From Precision Medicine - 2016-05-20
"Precision cancer treatment that's guided by genetic clues from the patient's own tumor appears to improve outcomes, even when adopted in the first stages of treatment development, according to findings scheduled to be presented at the upcoming annual meeting of the American Society of Clinical Oncology, held from June 3 to 7 in Chicago." More

Frat Brothers Keep Chugging Despite Anti-Booze Efforts - 2016-05-20
"What works for other college students doesn't work for those in Greek organizations, study finds." More

FDA Unveils Makeover of Nutrition Facts Label - 2016-05-20
"Added sugars, relevant portion sizes among the highlights of revision." More

Cases of Pregnant U.S. Women With Zika Triple Under New Counting Method - 2016-05-20
"Two registries will track those who show lab evidence of infection, whether or not they ever had symptoms." More

3776 articles available (Viewing 1 - 15)