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Great improvements in medicine, public health, science, and technology have enabled today's older Americans to live longer and healthier lives than previous generations. Older adults want to remain healthy and independent at home in their communities. Society wants to minimize the health care and economic costs associated with an increasing older population. The science of aging indicates that chronic disease and disability are not inevitable. As a result, health promotion and disease prevention activities and programs are an increasing priority for older adults, their families, and the health care system.

Many people fail to make the connection between undertaking healthy behaviors today and the impact of these choices later in life. Studies indicate that healthy eating, physical activity, mental stimulation, not smoking, active social engagement, moderate use of alcohol, maintaining a safe environment, social support, and regular health care are important in maintaining health and independence.

Promoting the healthy lifestyles of older people is vital in helping them to maintain health and functional independence and lead healthy and independent lives. Providing information to you about disease prevention and health promotion activities will help us help you and your loved ones become more knowledgeable about the health problems you may face and how you can prevent, delay, or manage them.

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Latest News
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Osteoporosis-Treated Adults Have Elevated Risk of Mortality
Flu Sending Record Numbers of Elderly to the Hospital: CDC
Number of Hip Replacements Has Skyrocketed, U.S. Report Shows
ICDs May Provide Little Benefit When Implanted Over Age 70
Just Half of Nursing Home Staff Getting Flu Vaccine
Seniors Need 2 Pneumonia Vaccines, CDC Advisory Panel Says
Many Americans Face Pain, Depression in Their Final Year
Certain Heart Drug, Antibiotic Combo Might Be Fatal for Seniors
Too Much Alcohol at Midlife Raises Stroke Risk, Study Finds
Muscle Weakness Affects 1 in 5 Americans Over 80
Weight Gain or Loss Linked to Fracture Risk in Older Women
Seniors May Keep Falls a Secret
Good Sleep in Middle Age May Pay Benefits Later
A Drink a Day May Keep Heart Failure at Bay
Want to Get Healthy? Get Your Partner Involved
Homebound Neighbors May Need Your Help in Winter
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Infections in ICU Up Five-Year Mortality for Elderly
Middle-Aged Worse at Texting-While-Driving, Study Shows
Researchers Take 'First Baby Step' Toward Anti-Aging Drug
Seniors' Aging Brains Find Ways to Stay Financially Sharp
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