Community Integration Services for Adults

AMHC’s Community Integration Support Program empowers individuals to direct their treatment in ways that support their goals and values and respect their choices. Initiative, responsibility, and self-reliance are encouraged through community support outpatient services, which include independent living services and housing assistance, support in personal living skill areas, vocational training and supported employment, and opportunities for transportation, socialization and recreation.

Outpatient and Community Based Services assist individuals in obtaining the necessary resources to ensure their well-being. The following services are available through AMHC's outpatient service sites.

  • Home Visits
  • Co-Occurring Counseling
  • Community Integration
  • Nursing and Boarding Home Visits and Consultations
  • Case Management
  • Outpatient Group Services

Residential Living offers skill development and symptom management to individuals who express a desire to live in an independent housing situation. Staff members help each person reach their individualized goals.

Madawaska Group Home
704 Main Street
Madawaska, Maine 04756
Telephone: 207-728-6727
FAX: 207-728-7679
TDD: 207-764-3903
Crisis: 1-888-568-1112

Contact: Tonya Anderson, Madawaska Group Home Administrator, Community Integration Program

2 Airport Drive
Presque Isle, Maine 04769
Telephone: 207-764-0759
TDD: 207-764-3903
Crisis: 1-888-568-1112

Contact: James McClay, MHRT-C Prov., Skyhaven Program Administrator, Skyhaven, Community Integration Program

Residential Housing helps individuals with serious and persistent mental illness access and utilize all available resources to live independently.

  • Caribou and Houlton Apartments
  • Supported Living
  • Vickers HOPE Supported Housing
  • Housing Subsidies
  • Independent Living Services

Caribou Apartments
5 Columbus Avenue
Caribou, Maine 04736
Telephone: 207-498-6403
Fax: 498-4198

Houlton Apartments
11 Mill Street
P. O. Box 6
Houlton, Maine 04730
Telephone: 207-532-6523
Fax: 532-3873

Vickers HOPE Caribou
43 Vickers Drive
Caribou, Maine 04736
Telephone: 207-498-0922
Fax: 207-493-7715
TDD: 207-764-3903
Crisis: 1-888-568-1112

Vickers HOPE Presque Isle
72 Dyer Street, Apt. E
Presque Isle, Maine 04769f
Telephone: 207-769-4673
TDD: 207-764-3903
Crisis: 1-888-568-1112

Contact: Christine Y. Brown, LCSW, Director of Community Integration Services at 207-498-6431 or email

Vocational-Supported Employment Services help individuals with disabilities find and keep paying jobs in their own communities. Our staff supports each person's needs, self-worth, and ability to make informed, practical career choices.

Vocational Services
43 Hatch Drive, P.O. Box 1018
Caribou, Maine 04736
Telephone: 207-498-2528
Fax: 207-492-3181
TDD: 207-764-3903
Crisis: 1-888-568-1112

Maine Employment Curriculum is designed to make high quality training available to employment specialists and job coaches in Maine. The curriculum is comprehensive and addresses topics such as assessment, job development and marketing, natural supports, instructional techniques, work incentives, positive supports and is designed to meet the unique needs of Maine's employement supports workforce. All of MEC instructors bring an incredible wealth of knowledge and experiences in employment supports to their teaching. For more information or training schedules, Aroostook area residents may contact Gayla Dwyer at 207-498-2528 or visit

Contact: Gayla Dwyer, Vocational-Supported Employment Services Manager


County Ride Program helps adults with chronic mental illness find local, affordable transportation that offers choices that are easily accessible throughout Aroostook County.

43 Hatch Drive
Caribou, Maine 04736
Telephone: 207-492-1386
Fax: 207-493-4605
Toll Free: 1-800-866-2081

Contact: Crystal MacDougal, Transportation Coordinator

Social Clubs offer companionship, company and support to individuals who are recovering from mental illness. Members enjoy a relaxed environment as they build friendships and participate in group activities, helping them to regain their sense of acceptance, self-worth, and purpose. The club invites members to learn living skills such as cooking, crafts, entertaining, and basic computer operation. Members also enjoy recreational activities such as pot luck dinners, watching videos, going to a movie, shopping, strawberry picking, snow tubing/sledding, cultural events, and other community activities. Members have an opportunity to develop their own interests in setting meaningful goals for themselves and their club. There is no membership fee and new members are always welcome!

Harvest Inn Social Club
43 Hatch Drive
Caribou, Maine 04736
Telephone: 207-492-1386
Fax: 207-492-3181
TDD: 207-764-3903
Crisis: 1-888-568-1112

Contact: Sherri-Lynn Gagnon, Harvest Inn Social Club Manager

Valley Social Club
284 Main Street-Suite 101
Madawaska, Maine 04756
Telephone: 207-728-4806
TDD: 207-764-3903
Crisis: 1-888-568-1112

Contact: Sally Gagnon, Valley Social Club Manager