Community Education and Consultation Services

AMHC is dedicated to enhancing community awareness and understanding of mental health, substance abuse, and speech and language issues. Consultation on social and behavioral issues is provided to hospitals, schools, churches, businesses, nursing and boarding homes, law enforcement, courts, and other healthcare providers. AMHC also offers individual and group educational seminars to meet specific needs and interests.

Employee and Student Assistance Services

Substance use, stress, depression, relationship problems, and poor performance are issues that affect both adults and adolescents in all walks of life. AMHC has developed programs that address the problems of everyday life for both schools and employers. Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) offer assessment, brief counseling, and referral services. Depending upon a company’s specific needs and objectives, programs also offer management and supervisory training and consultation, policy and procedure development, and wellness program development.

Student Assistance Programs (SAP) provide assessment, brief counseling, referral, and coordination of care services that are coordinated through an on-site SAP Coordinator who is specially-trained to work with adolescents. Students may self-refer or be referred to services by the SAP Coordinator, a teacher, school counselor, or other school staff.

Work/Life Program Services

Work/Life programs provide appropriate screening, counseling, and education for employees at the work site in order to promote health, safety, and wellness.

Disability Management Services

Workplace prevention, intervention, and rehabilitation strategies help to decrease the likelihood of an employee’s disability. Early intervention is provided following the onset of disability through the use of coordinated, cost-conscious, and quality services to help with return to work and reintegration.

For more information on AMHC's Community Education and Consultation Services, contact Jamie Owens, MSB, Director of Marketing and Development, at 207-498-6431.