Residential Treatment for Children and Teens

Grand Isle Family Treatment (GIFT) Home
Grand Isle, Maine


The GIFT home is a 6-bed, family-focused short-term residential service for children ages 4-17 located in a quiet, small residential neighborhood in Grand Isle, Maine. The home-like atmosphere is structured and therapeutic with an emphasis on building skills to allow for the family’s success and reduce/eliminate the risk of future out-of-home placements. It is designed to support the families of children experiencing emotional, behavioral, and/or mental health concerns that are placing them at-risk of long-term, out-of-home placements. AMHC believes that a well-planned approach to the treatment of the child and the family increases the likelihood that a child will remain in their family successfully. The mission of the program is to improve functioning, relationships, stability, and the overall health of the family through increased contact, collaboration with other providers, skills building, and the direct involvement of family members in the child’s life. GIFT home services are also available to non-traditional families and to support a child’s transition to a kinship or adoptive placements, as well as to another appropriate treatment program when required.

Treatment services are provided to the child and family members to address the identified needs and develop a healthy home environment to support their success as a family. There is an emphasis on skills training, structuring opportunities, and teaching skills, such as increasing knowledge of the child’s mental health needs, creating routine/structure within their home, child development, and conflict management are a few of the many areas that can be provided to the parents so that they can take an active role in problem-solving, establishing concrete goals towards permanency, and assisting in the shaping of a plan to achieve the child’s outcome. Referrals for additional services, such as psychiatric or psychological, will be coordinated and referred to the appropriate provider outside of the program.


  • Maine children between the ages of 4 and 17 years of age.
  • Children are required to have a DSM Axis I diagnosis, such as a depressive disorder,
  • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Oppositional Defiant Disorder, et cetera
  • The child should be enrolled in MaineCare and be eligible for supportive room and board funding from a Department of Health and Human Services program. 
  • Verifiable proof of custody or guardianship.
  • The family must be willing to participate in the program as outlined by the Individualized
  • Treatment Plan developed by the treatment team in consultation with the family prior to admission.
  • The family and/or guardian(s) must be able to actively participate in the child’s treatment.
  • The family must be assessed as being able to benefit from a stabilizing, structuring, skill-building environment that will result in an increase in the likelihood that the child will successfully (re)integrate into a family unit.


Grand Isle Family Treatment (GIFT) Home
Stacie Murphy, LCSW, Clinical Consultant
Jessica Chasse, OQMHP Case Manager
P.O. Box 104
49 Cremerie Road
Grand Isle, Maine 04746
207-895-5290 (207-895-5292 fax)