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Sexual Behavior Residential Treatment for Children and Teens

Chrysalis Program
Calais, Maine


When you discover that your child or teenager is showing problematic sexual behavior, reaching out for help can be a difficult and confusing process.  A number of parents worry that their child may wind up in the juvenile justice system and incarcerated because there is no way to safely treat their child in the community.  Others worry about their child being away from home and wonder if he or she will ever be safe enough to live with the family again.

There is hope, because treatment is available through the Chrysalis Program and it does work.  Even children with extensive problematic sexual behaviors can learn to monitor their own safety and take steps to protect themselves and others.  Through education, therapy, and working to develop safety plans in the child’s home community, a child can move from residential placement back home in a much shorter time than previously thought before.

The Chrysalis Program is a 10-bed program based in Calais, Maine, a beautiful small town community located on the Maine-New Brunswick, Canada provincial border.  The Chrysalis Program is designed to treat youth with problematic sexual behaviors and offers the following treatment components:


  • Our behavioral treatment program is supported by the use of the evidence based Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) model, which enhances the development of social skills and assists youth in learning alternatives to disruptive or aggressive behaviors.
  • Parenting Enhancement Training is a family focused program to assist parents to set effective limits with their children and develop in-home safety plans. Chrysalis staff members work with parents in their home to learn how to best address their child’s specific needs.
  • Psychiatric services are available to provide psychiatric treatment and medication management.
  • The Chrysalis Program conducts ongoing evaluations of the efficacy of the program by assessing adherence to the ABA model, thereby helping to improve the program over time as needed.
  • Chrysalis works closely with the Day Treatment program provided by State of Maine School Union #106 to provide a range of educational services to youth ranging from an in-house behavioral support classroom to re-integration to the public school setting.

Chrysalis has recently been working with the Department of Corrections to improve services for youth who demonstrate problematic sexual behaviors and to reduce the length of stay in residential facilities.  Aggression Replacement Training, a 10 week evidence-based treatment program, has been integrated to existing services to facilitate development of social skills, anger control techniques, and moral reasoning.  Specific group treatment for problematic sexual behaviors is also offered to allow for completion of the program within six months.

Chrysalis is specifically constructed to provide a safe environment within which children are actively engaged in developing and practicing skills and abilities that will help them in their continuing growth and development.  Each child has a private room with a bed, wardrobe, and chest of drawers. Meals are home cooked, nutritious, and delicious. The kitchen is prepared to make special meals for children with particular dietary needs (allergies, diabetes, weight loss/gain, etc.).

For more information, contact:

Dennis Skoog, LCPC
127 Palmer Street
Calais, Maine 04619
Phone: (207) 454-0387 & Fax: (207) 454-0232