Aroostook Mental Health Services, Inc.

Residential Treatment for Children and Teens

New Day Program
Calais, Maine


New Day is a 10 bed residence for children ages 7-17, specializing in caring for and helping children with acute, emergent psychological, emotional and/or behavioral problems.  New Day is based in Calais, Maine, a beautiful small town community located on the Maine-New Brunswick, Canada provincial border.  All services and treatments provided at New Day are aligned with evidence based practices. Because family-oriented services and family driven treatments have been shown to lead to long lasting improvements, New Day emphasizes the importance of regular and close involvement of family in the treatment planning and services the child receives. New Day also employs state of the art therapies and medical treatments specifically recommended for your child by licensed professionals. 

Although there is an onsite school for all community children with special education needs, residents of New Day are fully integrated into regular public school as soon as possible.  New Day works closely with the Day Treatment program provided by State of Maine School Union #106 to provide a range of educational services to youth ranging from an in-house behavioral support classroom to re-integration to the public school setting.  Additionally, every attempt is made to work with and support the child in their current school.

New Day is family focused and family supportive in its practices, providing opportunities and supports for families as they are involved with their children’s treatment and prepare for their child’s return to his/her home and community.  New Day believes that every child needs to return to his/her home and community as quickly as possible. To ensure that this occurs, New Day employs a measurement system which gives children and family members regular feedback about the child’s progress and readiness for the transition back to home.

New Day is specifically constructed to provide a safe environment within which children are actively engaged in developing and practicing skills and abilities that will help them in their continuing growth and development.  Each child has a private room with a bed, wardrobe, and chest of drawers. Meals are home cooked, nutritious, and delicious. The kitchen is prepared to make special meals for children with particular dietary needs (allergies, diabetes, weight loss/gain, etc.).

In addition to the professional treatment staff of pediatricians, child psychiatry, clinical psychology, clinical professional counselors and clinical social workers, the residence also has highly trained paraprofessional staff responsible for the daily care provided to each child.  New Day staff are carefully selected and specifically trained in therapeutic inventions that keep a child safe while providing them with continuous opportunities to practice their new and improves skills in a group living situation.

For more information, contact:


Debra Seger, Case Manager
127 Palmer Street
Calais, Maine 04619
Phone: 207-454-0270 & Fax: 207-454-0232