Aroostook Teen Leadership Camp Program

Started in 1987, ATLC is a leadership development and drug prevention program serving Aroostook County students in grades 6-9. It is a program of Aroostook Mental Health Services, Inc.

ATLC develops teen leaders who encourage students in grades 6-9 not to use alcohol and other illegal drugs, while being drug-free themselves. ATLC program staff provides teen leaders with the necessary knowledge, skills, training, and support so they can effectively work with students during a residential summer camp and in follow-up activities during the school year.

During the five-day residential summer camp held at Limestone Community School and MSSM, around 60 Aroostook County teens in grades 6-9 listen to daily motivational speakers talk on different aspects of leadership. Teens also attend workshops on adolescent issues, participate in small discussion groups and team-building activities, and build lasting friendships through a variety of evening activities.

Following the summer camp program, teens can develop and strengthen leadership skills learned during camp through a variety of follow-up activities.

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