Staff Recognitions 2011

Andrea Peterson – Individual Recognition

Pictured: Lorraine Chamberlain & Andrea Peterson
{Pictured left to right: Lorraine Chamberlain, Andrea Peterson}

On August 26, 2011, Andrea Peterson received a recognition award presented by Lorraine Chamberlain.  Andrea joined AMHC on 2/21/2005 in the role of Administrative Support staff, working in the Caribou and Presque Isle Offices and more recently is the Administrative Support floater position, filling in where needed.  Andrea was chosen to be recognized for making a difference for customers and team members across the outpatient sites of Aroostook County.  She is valued for professionalism as demonstrated by her consistent kind, caring, and respectful manner with all customers, for her ability to remain calm in highly stressful moments, and for her exceptional administrative skills, her flexibility and ability to adapt to a variety of team settings, as well as for her solution-focused approach to challenges.   In addition to her excellence at work, Andrea is a talented artist and photographer, and mom to two beautiful daughters.  Super work, Andrea!  Kudos to you!

Martha St. Pierre – Individual Recognition

Pictured: Martha St. Pierre, Lorraine Chamberlain
{Pictured left to right: Martha St. Pierre, Lorraine Chamberlain}

On August 24, 2011, Lorraine Chamberlain presented Martha St. Pierre with a recognition award due to her excellent work at Children’s Crisis Services Unit (CCSU).  Martha was recognized for making a difference for being exceptional for her ability to promote CCSU services to internal and external customers, for her strong leadership around case management functions, as well as her consistent dedication and commitment to program enhancement.  Martha has been with AMHC since 1/31/2000.  She just blows you away with her energy, enthusiasm, and passion for children and the services CCSU provides to meet their urgent needs through individualized treatment and work with their families.  Heaven for Martha is uninterrupted time with a good book, as well as dancing and fun with her grandchildren (and 2 great-grandchildren!).  Fantastic job, Martha!  Congratulations!

Tonia Anderson – Individual Recognition

Pictured: Rhea Lagasse, Tonia Anderson, Christine Brown
{Pictured left to right: Rhea Lagasse, Tonia Anderson, Christine Brown}

On August 4, 2011,  Tonia Anderson was surprised with a recognition award, presented to her by Rhea Lagasse and Christine Brown.  Tonia received recognition for making a difference her exemplary performance at Madawaska Group Home.  Tonia shines in her general leadership around service delivery and team-building; her ability to formulate creative solutions and engage team members to implement them to enhance team functioning and to reduce costs; her skills with clinical and administrative tasks, her role-modeling team work, as well as her dedication and commitment to the overall integrity of the program.  Tonia started at AMHC on 12/15/1997 and draws from her years of experience at MGH to fulfill the functions of  her current role as Site Administrator.  To her team’s delight, Tonia is super handy with remodeling and repairs.  Also, in her “spare” time, Tonia loves to spend time with her adorable 8 year-old, Jacob, who teaches her all about bugs.  Outstanding work, Tonia!  Congratulations … you rock!

Tracey Tarr – Individual Recognition

Pictured: Tracey Tarr & Pete McCorison
{Pictured left to right:  Tracey Tarr, Pete McCorison}

Tracey Tarr received a recognition award on August 3, 2011, presented by Peter McCorison.  She was celebrated for her pattern of outstanding performance over an extended period of time in making a difference to the customers and community through her leadership in Substance Abuse services at Houlton Outpatient Office.  Tracey has a high level of expertise in the provision of services, makes tremendous efforts to go above and beyond to cover gaps in service delivery, role-models dedication and commitment to developing the SA program, and has used herself astutely as a mentor and consultant in view of helping her peer counselors grow professionally.  Also noteworthy is the fact that Tracey took the helm of the HOP SA program, as she was the only Substance Abuse counselor assigned to the service for several months, and she managed this challenge with great skill and aplomb.  Tracey has been with AMHC at the Houlton Outpatient office since 3/24/1997. Harmony is part of her nature, as Tracey is a musician who plays the Harp in a music ensemble that specializes in Medieval music.  Awesome work, Tracey ! Congratulations!

Vanessa Sparks – Individual Recognition

Pictured: Vanessa Sparks & Lorraine Chamberlain
{Pictured left to right: Vanessa Sparks, Lorraine Chamberlain}

On August 9, 2011, Vanessa Sparks received an individual recognition award, presented by Lorraine Chamberlain.  Vanessa has been employed at AMHC HELPLine/ACSU in Presque Isle since 4/23/2007.  She was celebrated for her outstanding performance in making a difference to HELPLine/ACSU customers and staff, as well as for staff across the agency.  Vanessa consistently supports service delivery by taking on extra duties and tasks.  She is very customer-focused, is a strong advocate, steps in easily to fill coverage needs and draws from her deep empathy for others to provide services in ways that rise high above expectations.  She is a role model for positive attitude and team spirit.    On her time away from work, Vanessa has four dogs – two Dachshunds and two Long-Haired Chihuahuas – that keep her busy.   Super work, Vanessa!  Kudos!

Dennis Michaud – Individual Recognition

Pictured: Pete McCorison, Dennis Michaud
{Pictured left to right:  Pete McCorison, Dennis Michaud}

On September 21, 2011, Dennis Michaud was presented with an individual recognition award by Peter McCorison.  Dennis received the award for his stellar performance for making a difference to the Madawaska Group Home residents and staff through his provision of high-quality community integration services, his total commitment to customer service and team collaboration, his sensitivity and compassion in his interactions with Group Home residents, as well as his flexibility to extend himself in any way possible to assist.  Dennis began his employment with AMHC on 7/12/2010.  He is a team member of the Madawaska Outpatient office, and as part of his work he joins with Madawaska Group Home staff to provide psycho-social rehabilitation services to the residents.  On a personal note, Dennis is a very devoted father to two active boys and time spent with his family is his priority outside of work.   Great work, Dennis! Congratulations!

Jessica Scott – Individual Recognition

Pictured: Lehann Bronson, Jessica Scott, Theresa Brown
{Pictured left to right: Lehann Bronson, Jessica Scott, Theresa Brown}

Jessica Scott received an individual recognition award on September 14, 2011, presented by Theresa Brown and Lehann Bronson for making a difference to Machias Outpatient Team in the relatively short amount of time she has been a team member there.  Jessica joined AMHC on 2/21/2011.  Her professionalism, excellent skills, ability to quickly assume new duties and responsibilities smoothly and effortlessly to provide administrative coverage in a time of great need -- all in a consistently positive, pleasant manner under the most challenging circumstances -- are reasons she has been so highly praised by the team. Outside of work, Jessica is very active in her church, plays the keyboard, and holds a pastoral certificate from Faith School of Theology in Charleston, Maine.  Congratulations on your success, Jessica!


Karen Plumhoff-Individual Recognition


{Pictured left to right: Jessica Oram, Karen Plumhoff, Annette Adams}


 Hats off to Karen!!!  She was the recipient of an individual recognition award on July 27, 2011, for her impressive contributions to customers and team members in Emergency Services in the Machias Office for a variety of reasons:  her tremendous optimism and caring demeanor, her excellent mentoring abilities, as well as the outstanding services she provides to customers on a daily basis.  Karen became an employee of AMHC on July 1, 2009. You are a wonderful asset to Emergency Services, Karen! 


Gaston Pelletier-Individual Recognition


{Pictured left to right: Gaston Pelletier, Peter McCorison}


On July 20, 2011, Gaston received an individual recognition award for his stellar performance to the customers and team members of St John Valley Outpatient through his role-modeling of professionalism, willingness to cover gaps in service delivery, high-level productivity and excellent clinical and administrative skills. Gaston has worked with AMHC since August 5, 2009, as a Community Integration case manager.  Awesome work, Gaston!


Barb Faye-Individual Recognition

 {Pictured left to right: Barb Faye, John Thibodeau}

On July 15, 2011, Barb Faye was presented with an Individual Recognition Award due to her outstanding performance in the provision of coverage to Accounts Payable functions.  Barb was celebrated in her ability to undertake multiple, new and complex duties with ease and efficacy, while simultaneously managing exceptionally well her regular functions.  Barb has been a dedicated employee with AMHC since June 14, 1976. So, this is an opportunity to celebrate Barb’s long and successful career with AMHC, as well as her July recognition award.  Congratulations, Barb!


Calais Residential-Team Recognition

{Pictured sitting front row, left to right:  Jim Desmond, Molly Preston, Brandy Dubay, Georgia Haley, Roliza Bartlett, Ross McPherson, Beatrice Cheney}


{Pictured standing middle row, left to right: Patty Stevens, Jessica Scott, Lori Carr, Cathy Sawtelle, Annette Adams, Susan Provencher, David Kneeland}


{Pictured standing back row, left to right: Sandy Harley, Deb O’Neill, Stephanie Graham-Smith, Rebecca Harding, Vicki Mason, Bryan Stevens, Rick Devoe, Linda Stevens, Shawn Sabourin, Wayne Chick, Mary Polk, Devon McPhee, Tina Hayward, Paul Hood}


{Team Members absent from picture: Toni Cole, Patrick Coleman, Bruce Cook, Tracie Eagan, Jim Ellingson, Robby Fitch, Blake Ford, Colby Hallowell, John Hatt, Shelly McPherson, Shannon Miller, Cal Shorey, Kristen Smith, Dennis Skoog, Clem Deveau}



Rhea Lagasse-Individual Recognition

{Pictured left to right: Rhea Lagasse, Anne Daigle}


Mary Polk-Individual Recognition

 {Pictured left to right: Mary Polk, Annette Adams}

 On July 13, 2011, Mary was awarded individual recognition for making a difference to the Calais Residential Program. She joined AMHC on July 1, 2009. Mary’ individual performance stands out for all because of her consistent willingness and flexibility to cover shifts, regardless of the frequency of need and shift hours needing to be filled. She is valued for always maintaining an upbeat and positive attitude in the face of problems and challenges and for role-modeling this extremely well to peers.  Kudos to you, Mary!


Bryan Stephens-Individual Recognition

 {Pictured left to right: Bryan Stevens, Annette Adams} 

On June 8, 2011, an individual recognition award was presented to Bryan because of his major contributions to Calais Residential and Calais Day Treatment programs.  Bryan excels in his ability to be flexible in ensuring shift coverage, in his tenacity with being solution-focused and in his consistent willingness to partner with team members to promote team success. Brian joined AMHC in February, 2010, and works as a Residential Counselor at the Chrysalis program in Calais.   Congratulations, Bryan!


 Ellsworth ESS-Team Recognition


{Pictured left to right: Alicia Lambert, Valerie Feldkamp, Barrett Hammond Ashley Pesek, Theresa Brown}

 {ESS Team Members Not Pictured: Lauren Kupfner, Sharon Carroll, Michelle Mitchell, Robin Frank}

 On June 1, 2011, the Ellsworth Emergency Services Team was recognized for making a difference to the communities of Hancock County. Ellsworth team members provide very high-quality assessments and matching high productivity. They are exceptional at going above and beyond to ensure that all shifts are covered and team members have a strong commitment to positive, successful outcomes in the face of problems and challenges. You rock, Ellsworth ESS!!


Richard Shute-Individual Recognition


{Pictured left to right: Richard Shute, Theresa Brown}

Individual recognition was awarded to Richard Shute on June 1, 2011. Richard was recognized for his stellar knowledge and skills with all administrative duties, his tremendous support to team members and his role-modeling of team spirit and involvement in resolving important issues, all of which have had a significant positive impact for the Ellsworth Outpatient Office. Richard joined AMHC in July 2009, as an Administrative Support Specialist (Outpatient) working at our Ellsworth Offices. Kudos, Richard!


Andrea Chasse-Individual Recognition

 {Pictured left to right: Peter McCorison, Andrea Chasse}




Lynda Roberts-Individual Recognition


 {Pictured left to right: Lynda Robert, Rose Hanscom}




Tricia Farrell-Individual Recognition

 {Pictured left to right: Tricia Farrell, Annette Adams}




Anne Daigle-Individual Recognition


{Pictured left to right:  Anne Daigle, Christine Brown}

Anne Daigle was presented with an individual recognition award  on May 5, 2011, at Madawaska Group Home.  She was celebrated  for her dedication to quality service, her tremendous commitment to individual and team growth, her initiative with extra tasks, as well as her ability to role model respect and appreciation for the   talents and strengths of each team member. Anne has an uncanny ability to speak directly to what a team member needs to hear and all of this makes her a great asset to the team. Anne joined AMHC in March, 2001 and works as a Residential Counselor at the Madawaska Group Home.  Congratulations, Anne!





Karen Boucher-Individual Recognition

{Pictured left to right:  Rhea Lagasse, Karen Boucher}




Annie Beckham-Individual Recognition




 Morgan Baker-Individual Recognition


{Pictured left to right: Deb O’Neill, Morgan Baker, Annette Adams}

On May 4, 2011, Morgan Baker received an individual recognition award for making a difference to the Calais and Machias communities through the delivery of emergency services. She is known and appreciated for her outstanding abilities to assess customer needs during evaluations, for role-modeling a “can-do” attitude, as well as for her flexibility and willingness to do everything possible to fill-in for open shifts. Morgan joined AMHC in July 2009, and works as an Emergency Services Specialist at the AMHC Calais Outpatient Offices. Way to go, Morgan!



Residential Treatment Facility

             Team Recognition


{Pictured back row left to right: Peter McCorison, Rebecca Fournier, Ashley Ouellette, Rebecca McBreairty, Michael Yarema}

 {Pictured front row left to right: Andrea Kjenstad, Gail Dodd, Sylvio Dubois

 On April 7, 2011, the Residential Treatment Facility (RTF) received a team award. The team was recognized for its exemplary performance in providing treatment to those struggling with addiction and in need of intensive treatment. Team members were celebrated for their skillful means and methods for providing quality care in a cost-efficient manner; their tremendous efforts to improve access to service, as well as their diligence and commitment to internal and external customer satisfaction. The RTF has been a pillar of substance abuse services for well over 30 years and has an outstanding reputation throughout the State. In 2010, RTF was presented with the Outstanding Community Provider award from the State of Maine Co-Occurring Disorder Court Team due to the team’s responsive and flexible collaboration and dynamic, high-quality services.  While there is a seriousness and sharp focus with interventions to RTF customers, the team also really knows how to have a good time. The RTF team role-models healthy fun each year, when the team hosts a picnic event for RTF Alumni. Congratulations RTF team on your high level of success!


 Paula Perfitt-Individual Recognition

Paula Perfitt

{Pictured left to right: Paula Perfitt, Peter McCorison}

 On April 6, 2011, a recognition award was presented to Paula Perfitt. Paula currently is a team member at Houlton Outpatient Office and provides Children’s Behavioral Services in the HCT (Home and Community Treatment) program. Paula was recognized for her overall excellence in making a difference to families in need due to her experience, expertise, and dedication to this service, as well as for her willingness to cover shifts and provide valuable support to co-workers when needed. Paula has been employed with AMHC since 1993, first working as an Emergency Services Specialist and in 2002 she transitioned to work in Children’s Services. Paula has also provided Community Integration Services and continues to have CI clients when coverage is needed and in more recent months has been instrumental to seamless service delivery of the Supervised Visitation program by making herself available on very short notice. On a personal note, Paula is a very gifted baker and showers co-workers with fabulous cookies, cakes, and chocolate treats at office parties. Her husband and children are her world, and she loves to spend time with her beautiful family.  Kudos to you, Paula!




  Travis Christie-Individual Recognition



 {Pictured left – right: Travis Christie, Pam Wyman}

 On March 4, 2011, Travis was the recipient of a recognition award. Travis is a member of the Central Office HP Team and holds the position of Accounts Receivable Specialist, meaning that all of his tasks focus on billing for agency clinical services.  Travis received recognition because of his demonstrated excellence in the areas of accuracy, attention to detail, and successful results by astutely navigating very complex billing systems, as well as for his caring and highly respectful manner with all customers.  Travis has had a successful career with AMHC since 1997, where he began as a counselor at the Children’s Crisis Center, then worked as an Emergency Services Specialist at HELPLine/ACSU before becoming the HELPLine/ACSU Administrative Support Specialist, which groomed him for his current role.  He holds a B.A. degree from UMPI.  Travis has a deeply caring and compassionate nature and outside of work, devotes time and energy to the service of others.  This sense of mission took him to Guatemala last fall where he did volunteer work in a very poor area of the country.  Congratulations on your success, Travis!



Herb Boutilier-Individual Recognition



 {Pictured left to right: Cy Wind, Herb Boutilier, Christine Brown}

On February 16, 2011, a recognition award was presented to Herb Boutilier. Herb was recognized for his achievement in making a difference through his outstanding leadership to the Community Integration program at Houlton Outpatient Office. His excellent skills, passion for his work with the chronically mentally ill, and his extensive experience in service delivery have been instrumental to orienting and mentoring new team members, especially over the past year. He is highly respected by his peers for his dedication, compassion, and commitment to quality customer care. Herb began his career with the agency in 1996 as an Independent Living Specialist/Case Manager and has worked in this capacity since his hire.  Prior to this current recognition, he was honored by AMHC in 1997, 1998, and 1999 for services to the community.  In 2001, he received an Award for Excellence due to the quality of his work.  In 1987, Herb obtained his Bachelor’s Degree from UMFK and has had previous career experience in program management. On a personal note:  If you want to see Herb smile, talk to him about cats, creative writing (it’s in his genes!), and adventures in the great outdoors.  Kudos on your great work, Herb!

 Lisa Tirell



Lisa Tirrell received a recognition award on February 8th, 2011; because of the numerous ways she has made a difference now, as well as over the 10 years she has been employed in the Calais Day Treatment Team as a Behavioral Health Professional.  She is currently Team Leader for the team.  Lisa is talented in her ability to anticipate team member needs, has provided excellent leadership during times of multiple changes, and is a tremendous source of support and encouragement which has had a significant positive impact on team morale. She knows how to truly celebrate the success of individual team members, as well as the entire team.  Lisa is pursuing her Bachelor’s degree and is quite a source of inspiration to her peers, as she is spearheading not only her own advancement, but that of her co-workers working on their educational goals.  On a personal note, those who know and love Lisa will tell you she is an astute shopper and has outstanding bargaining skills.  Bravo, Lisa, for your excellence!




Bonnie Davenport-Individual Recognition



   {Pictured left to right: Bonnie Davenport, Pam Wyman}





Caribou Outpatient-Team Recognition


Standing Back Row {Left à Right}: Lorraine Chamberlain, Stacie Murphy, Heather Beaulieu, Kara Levesque, Jennifer Bloomgren, Jessica Williams

Standing Middle Row {Left à Right}: Jean Wight, Elaine Haines, Kelly Johnston, Joe Owens, Jennifer Haney, Billie Roy, Holly Fulton, Lisa LaCasse, Scott Parent, Sherry Pelletier

Front Row {Left à Right}:  Mandy Kilcollins, Kelly Scott, Kim Becker, Adeline McCarty, Sarah McLean


 On January 26, 2011, Caribou Outpatient staff was awarded Team recognition for dedicated service to clients, for an incredible team spirit and exceptionally hard work to provide a gamut of services to our community members. Caribou Outpatient has always meet exceedingly difficult challenges and has grown in team flexibility to adapt to rapid changes. The team has also piloted new agency initiatives.  Some examples:  ORT clinic service, laptops for Community Integration and the e-billable ticket. Caribou Outpatient team has consistently supported each other in times of coverage shortage over extended periods and finds creative ways to keep team morale up. In sum:   Caribou Outpatient Team, you are the best!!








Marie Mae Bosse-Individual Recognition


Marie Bosse

 {Pictured left to right: Rhea Lagasse and Marie Mae Bosse, }


Bruce Glick

 {Pictured left to right: Bruce Glick, Cy Wind}



Bonnie Dickinson-Individual Recognition

 Bonnie Dickinson

 {Pictured left to right: David Goodrich, Bonnie Dickison}


Cathy Sawtelle

 {Left to Right: Georgia Haley, Cathy Sawtelle, Annette Adams}


Central HPT 







 AmyCentral HPT Machias

Standing: Staci Seaman, Louise Tardie, Barb Faye, Jamie Owens, Dan Chute, Travis Christie

 Sitting: Pam Wyman, Bonnie Davenport, Ron Thibodeau, Janice Drost, Nikki Reed, Heather Wood, Amy Cates, Ann Marie Flood


On January 7, 2011, Central Office Administrative Team was awarded Team recognition for their exceptional skills and abilities to partner as a team across Atlantic and Aroostook counties. As a group their duties attend to numerous core agency functions related to HR and payroll, our technological advancements, accounts receivable/accounts payable to name a few and countless administrative tasks each day.  Central Office Team was also recognized for their compassion and concern for those in need during the holidays last December. The team funded and organized gift-giving to all AMHC customers in our residential sites, so that our clients would have some holiday cheer and know they are both remembered and important. Absent from the photo:  Jason Cyr, Chris Kilcollins, Danielle Larrabee, Ken Frost. Way to go, Central Team!


Louise Tardie-Individual Recognition


 {Pictured left to right: Louise Tardie, Pam Wyman}

On January 7, 2011, Louise Tardie received recognition for being a highly valuable asset the agency and Central Office within a very short amount of time. This is due to her extremely high standards, expertise in HR matters, and ability to surmount challenges with rapid solutions in a positive, proactive manner.  To the regret of all, Louise left her position at AMHC to pursue her career closer to her physical residence in Ellsworth. During her short tenure at AMHC, Louise made a tremendous contribution. Thank you, Louise!!



Janice Drost-Individual Recognition




Rose Hanscom

 {Pictured left to right: Theresa Brown, Rose Hanscom}



 {Picture: Left to right: Crystal MacDougal and Christine Brown}


On December 3rd, 2010, Crystal attended Central Office Team meeting to provide information on County Ride – which she did –and was surprised to learn that she was also there to receive a recognition award, presented to her by Christine Brown.

Crystal has been the lead with County Ride for eight years and prior to that she was also Social Club Manager.  Her outstanding commitment to the County Ride program to provide superior service has been evident to all who have collaborated with her.  Crystal is always polite, upbeat, and willing to do everything she can to help.   She is solution-focused and very creative in her resolve to fill a transportation need.   

As an example of her dedication, Crystal will work a couple of hours on a day she has scheduled for PTO so that she can check phone messages to trouble-shoot any unexpected glitches with rides she has lined up. 

Crystal, as the lead for transportation services, you go the extra mile!!


Jason Cyr-Individual Recognition

 Jason Cyr

 {Pictured: Jason Cyr and Pam Wyman, Team Leader}




{Picture:  Madawaska Group Home Team: Sitting Left à-Right: Rhea Lagasse, Ann Pelletier, Tonia Anderson. Standing Left-à Right: John Lozier, Anne Daigle, Marie Mae Bosse, Sally Gagnon, Christine Brown}.

Madawaska Group Home (MGH) received a team recognition award on November 4, 2010, during their Full Team Meeting.

MGH was awarded for excellent performance due to their ability over a very extensive period of time to tap into team resources to fill open shifts with minimal reliance on the SSRT in order to meet all of the needs of MGH residents.

In recent weeks, a 3/5th opening had created even more challenges to overcome, but MGH has been consistently creative and flexible in coming up with solutions utilizing existing team members.  The success of MGH is due to their ability to remain a Stage 4 team and role model for each other shared leadership, responsibility, and accountability.  Many times teams will regress in their Stage of Development when circumstances disrupt the team’s routine functioning.  However, MGH has had over the past two years multiple situations causing significant coverage problems, and yet each time rose to the challenge through effective problem-solving without losing their strength as a team. Christine Brown, Director of Community Integration Program, presented the award to the team. Outstanding performance, MGH!


    Anne Marie Flood

Individual Recognition

Anne Marie Flood

 {Picture: Ann Marie Flood; Annette Adams}



 {Picture:  Houlton OP Team: Sitting Left à-Right: Mark Nelson, Deb Shaw, Sue Deveau, Dave Goodrich, Katie Bell. Standing Left-à Right: Bonnie Dickison, Julie Ivey, Michele Fitzpatrick, Herb Boutilier, Kevin McGuire, Tracey Tarr, Paula Perfitt, Theresa Blachura, Bruce Glick}.


Deb Seger/ONeill

 {Pictured left to right: Georgia Haley, Deb O’Neill, Annette Adams}


















On June 1, 2011, the Ellsworth Emergency Services Team was recognized for

making a difference to the communities of Hancock County. Ellsworth team members provide very high-quality assessments and matching high productivity. They are exceptional at going above and beyond to ensure that all shifts are covered and team members have a strong commitment to positive, successful outcomes in the face of problems and challenges. You rock, Ellsworth ESS!!





{Pictured standing middle row, left to right: Patty Stevens, Jessica Scott, Lori Carr, Cathy Sawtelle, Annette Adams, Susan Provencher, David Kneeland}


{Pictured standing back row, left to right: Sandy Harley, Deb O’Neill, Stephanie Graham-Smith, Rebecca Harding, Vicki Mason, Bryan Stevens, Rick Devoe, Linda Stevens, Shawn Sabourin, Wayne Chick, Mary Polk, Devon McPhee, Tina Hayward, Paul Hood}


{Team Members absent from picture: Toni Cole, Patrick Coleman, Bruce Cook, Tracie Eagan, Jim Ellingson, Robby Fitch, Blake Ford, Colby Hallowell, John Hatt, Shelly McPherson, Shannon Miller, Cal Shorey, Kristen Smith, Dennis Skoog, Clem Deveau}



Calais Residential Team was awarded Team Recognition on July 13, 2011. The team was honored with this award for the exceptional performance demonstrated in the areas of quality of service, ethical standards, promoting a customer-focused team environment, and going above and beyond to ensure coverage.  Calais Residential Team has been a program of AMHC since July 1, 2009. Calais Residential, you are amazing. Congratulations!






On October 17th, 2010, Deb O’Neill received an award for her outstanding performance.

Debra O’Neill is a member of Calais Residential team.  She has had employment at the site spanning over ten years. During this time, some of her roles have been senior staff at New Day, Clinical Specialist at Calais Day Treatment, and Program Manager at Transition House.

Deb has been described as a great teacher of skills and is credited with assisting team members become successful in their roles.  She is the “glue” that has helped to keep the team together during the navigation of multiple changes over the past year.  She took on a new role of case manager and still had the time and energy to make herself available in a very big way to provide guidance and support on an individual and team basis.  She is described as a good listener and provides great feedback.

One example of Deb’s leadership that stands out is when Calais Residential had a flood.  She was quick thinking, jumped in to give direction, and assisted with the clean-up. 

On a personal note, Deb got married in July (Best Wishes, Deb!) Also, during the summer if you want to catch Deb having fun on her time off, you will find her at her camp.  Kudos, Deb!


The Houlton Team received a team award on October 20, 2010 during their Full Team Meeting.  The award was presented by Sue Deveau, Team Leader.

Houlton Outpatient team was recognized for their ability to go above and beyond to demonstrate the team spirit of deep caring about a team member who was out on medical leave.   Some of the things the team did were to donate sick days to the team member, stay in touch with visits, cards and food over a number of weeks.  They also quickly, smoothly, and seamlessly stepped up to the plate to cover client caseload and on-call, when the team was already challenged with a reduction in team resources during the summer months.

Congratulations, Houlton Outpatient!


   Deb Seger/O'Niell

Individual Recognition

The Calais Team celebrated Ann Marie at the time of her individual recognition during the team meeting on October 27, 2010.

Ann Marie was nominated and received an award due to her consistent performance of being exemplary in her role with administrative duties and a truly great team player.   She readily assists team members with whatever they need, produces high-quality service and does this with energy and enthusiasm.  Staff feels they can approach her at any time, no matter the amount of work she has piled up, and they will be received with a smile and friendly disposition.

Ann Marie has been in the field of AR/Admin Support for 16 years. Because of her efficiencies and skills, Ann Marie is now in charge of managing the billing for area schools, a fairly recent contract and book of business for the agency. Way to go, Anne-Marie!


   Houlton Outpatient

   Team Recognition

On November 5, 2010, Jason Cyr was recognized for his stellar performance during the Central Office Team Meeting.

Jason is well-known throughout the agency for his work in IT and over the years, many staff has had the pleasure of meeting him and being assisted in the moment with their IT needs.

Jason was recognized for a list of reasons that is as long as some of his work days.  Among some of the reasons:  his absolute and total reliability, his caring and considerate approach, his ability to see the humor in the most challenging of circumstances, his high-level expertise on a variety of IT matters and skill in problem-solving; his flexibility to work his schedule to meet agency needs; his embodiment of AMHC values and role modeling the utmost professionalism.

Pam Wyman, Team Leader, presented the award certificate to Jason.    Congratulations, Jason!  You rock!


Madawaska Group Home

     Team Recognition

On January 4, 2010, Rose was awarded individual recognition for the valuable service she has provided, to both our customers and team members.  Rose is a member of Emergency Services program and is based in our Machias office for well over 10 years. Rose was recognized for her instrumental role in the team as a leader with recruitment and orientation of new team members.  She has worked tirelessly with this endeavor, notably over the past year, to improve these processes and keep team members focused on positive outcomes. Rose’s optimistic attitude throughout the ups and downs of team formation this past year has been a huge morale booster. Her commitment to quality service and her compassionate, caring nature are what stand out for her co-workers.  Congratulations Rose!


Crystal MacDougal-Individual Recognition

 Crystal MacDougal

{Pictured left to right: Janice Drost, Pam Wyman}


We are fortunate to have had Janice join AMHC not once, but twice. Janice worked at AMHC as Outpatient Administrative Support in Presque Isle and then at the Caribou office from 1995 until 2006. She returned to AMHC in December 2009 and has been based in our Access Center. On January 7, 2011, Janice was given recognition for her extremely high proficiency overall, but notably for her ability to quickly, calmly, and graciously respond to all unexpected situations and requests. She is known for her consistently pleasant, approachable demeanor, her eagerness to assist others in any way possible, and her willingness to go above and beyond with all that she undertakes. However, under that calm exterior lies a strong lady who knows how to tackle those “one-armed bandits”. But then what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas!   Janice, you’re a winner with us, too!



Rose Hanscom-Individual Recognition

On January 12, 2011, Cathy received recognition for her outstanding performance in her role of Team Leader at Calais Residential.  Cathy is described as having high energy, an amazingly positive attitude and excellent clinical skills with residents.  She is valued for being a great listener, for having a keen sense of fairness and caring for residents and team members alike, as well as for her astute guidance to the team around conflict resolution matters.  Prior to coming on-board as an AMHC employee, Cathy was a Senior Staff with WCPA with 9+ years of experience. In addition to her full-time work at Calais Residential, Cathy is currently pursuing her bachelor’s degree.  Kudos to you, Cathy, for your great performance!  All the best with your career goals!


Central Office HPT Team-Team Recognition

On January 19, 2011, Bonnie was awarded recognition for the many ways she demonstrates outstanding leadership. Bonnie has exceptional ability to anticipate needs and to see clearly into situations regarding what needs to be done. Bonnie has provided quality work in a variety of functional lead roles and she has raised the standard of practices in the office. One of the many areas she shines in is with EAP administrative tasks.  She is a great team member who role models responsibility and accountability for all. Bonnie has worked as Administrative Support at Houlton OP for 5+ years and prior to that, she managed residential programs with an outside agency. Bonnie’s two teenagers are talented as well:  Son Douglas is great with sports and outdoor activities, and daughter Emily has a real gift for photography. Awesome work, Bonnie!



Cathy Sawtelle-Individual Recognition

On January 19, 2011, Bruce received an award for his stellar performance in supporting clinical services at Houlton OP through his excellent trainings, in-depth consultation which has been conducive to team members’ professional development, as well as his on-going initiative to assess clinicians’ needs for growth and provide resources to them. Bruce is also very active in team meetings.  He brings a wealth of knowledge about AMHC history, looks at things from a system’s perspective, and offers solution-focused guidance to the team in view of arriving at sound decisions about team issues. Bruce is a psychologist based at Houlton Outpatient and provides the very sought-after neuropsychological testing service. He has been with AMHC for over 34 years. Referrals come to him from across the County and beyond. Bruce played a key part during AMHC’s formative years through various positions and applied himself in each with equal commitment and passion for our agency mission. In 2009, Bruce was the recipient of the Vickers Excellence Award for his achievements. We salute you, Bruce, for your current recognition and exemplary career!


Marie Mae has been with MGH for 9+ years working the overnight shift.  On January 20, 2011, she was awarded recognition for her absolutely amazing work with overseeing the team shift schedules, as well as rallying with team members these past months to step up to the plate, in view of ensuring the coverage needs for open shifts were in place. Her leadership was conducive to MGH team being successful in meeting the challenge of numerous open shifts due to position vacancies. With residents she is known for her compassion, kindness, and gentle approach to helping them work on skills and sleep hygiene. Residents call her “Mimi” and when Marie Mae went on a long-awaited vacation, residents waited up to be able to welcome her back.  Marie Mae is committed to her 11pm-7am shift saying, “I love my overnights.  Please don’t take them away from me.”  Not to worry, Marie Mae…. We just want to clone you!



Bruce Glick-Individual Recognition

Bonnie Davenport received an individual award on February 4, 2011.  Bonnie was recognized for making a difference for the entire agency due to her extraordinary skills and talents in attending to a very high-volume of daily tasks and duties each day with impeccable precision, and lightning speed, as well as for her professionalism with all staff and her leadership abilities.  Bonnie has worked as Executive Administrative Assistant at Central Office for almost 40 years.  Bonnie provides general administrative support services and, in addition, is primarily responsible for duties for the CEO, Senior Leadership Team, and Board of Directors.  She has seen AMHC grow over the years from a staff of 30 to over 250 ... with a subsequent increase in her own duties as well.  Bonnie’s exemplary performance has spanned the decades.  In 1997, she was presented with the Vickers Excellence Award, which is the highest award bestowed at the agency.  Bonnie’s greatest pride is her family. If you have the opportunity to visit Bonnie’s office, you will see it adorned with pictures of her three beautiful grandchildren: Tomas, Gavin, and Alexis – along with numerous powerful images of wolves, Bonnie’s favorite animal. Bonnie, congratulations on your amazing, long-standing performance!

 {Standing back row left à right}:  Deb O’Neill, Chris Burrows, Rachel Burrows, Clint Albee, Troy Lee, Laurie Niles, Brian Giles, Katie McKeown, Susan Howland, Trisha Farrell, Breena Hood.

{Standing front row left à right}:  Sam Call, Amanda Brown, Jami Moreside, Lisa Tirrell, Annette Adams, Vanessa Flood, Ruth Osborne.



Lisa Tirell-Individual Recognition



Annie Beckham was presented with an individual recognition award on May 4, 2011. Annie stands out for her exceptional clinical skills all the while managing a very high-volume caseload, and for her a commitment to team members’ professional growth and significant contribution to Calais Outpatient Team’s success. Annie joined AMHC in July 2009, and works as a Therapist-Consultant at the Calais Outpatient Office. Congratulations, Annie!


{Pictured left to right: Annette Adams, Deb Shields, Annie Beckham, Tabitha Bennett, Lorraine Pike}

On May 5, 2011, Karen Boucher was surprised with an individual recognition award for making a difference to Madawaska Group Home residents and team members by her ability to provide fill-in services in such a seamless manner that she is experienced as truly one of the team. She brings valuable perspectives and insights to team meetings, has excellent skills and abilities to work effectively with residents, despite her sporadic presence and she makes every effort to consistently exceed the shift coverage expectations. Karen joined AMHC in May, 2008, and works as a Substitute Resource Team Counselor. Kudos, Karen!

Tricia Farrell received individual recognition on May 10, 2011. An award was presented to her because of all she does to enhance service and teamwork at Calais Day Treatment Program. She is valued for her astute clinical and administrative skills and positive approach to challenges, as well as her tenacity with finding solutions. Tricia joined AMHC in July, 2009, and works as a School-Based Behavioral Health Professional at the Calais Day Treatment Program. Congratulations, Tricia!

On May 11, 2011, Lynda Roberts received an individual recognition award. This award was presented to her due to her excellent performance in making a difference to Emergency Services customers and team members because of her congeniality and enthusiasm, her calm and patient approach to crisis situations, strong assessment skills and role-modeling, and effective communication. Lynda joined AMHC in July, 2009, as an Emergency Services Specialist working out the Machias Office.  Congratulations, Lynda!

On May 12, 2011, Andrea Chasse was presented an individual recognition award for her absolutely outstanding performance. Andrea is regarded as highly professional at all times, overall strong leadership through her excellent clinical skills along with the personal qualities of compassion and optimism, the ability to foster growth in the families she serves, as well as the professional growth of her peers. Andrea joined AMHC in June 2005, and currently works as a Residential Counselor at the Grand Isle Family Treatment Home. Congratulations, Andrea!

Rhea was the recipient of an individual recognition award on July 7, 2011. She received this recognition due to her many excellent contributions to Madawaska Group Home residents and team members. Rhea readily serves as a clinical role model due to her advanced skills and abilities, and in doing so, has fostered the professional growth of her peers and the provision of high-quality treatment, in addition to volunteering for extra projects. On May 1, 2001, Rhea began her employment with AMHC.   While maintaining her position at Madawaska Group Home, Rhea returned to the university and completed her MSW last year.  Excellent work, Rhea!!


Calais Residential Team was awarded Team Recognition on July 13, 2011. The team was honored with this award for the exceptional performance demonstrated in the areas of quality of service, ethical standards, promoting a customer-focused team environment, and going above and beyond to ensure coverage.  Calais Residential Team has been a program of AMHC since July 1, 2009. Calais Residential, you are amazing. Congratulations!