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Title:Children's Behavioral Health Professional
Location:Ellsworth , Maine

AMHC is seeking an energetic individual interested in joining the team at our Ellsworth Outpatient office (40 hours per week) as a Children's Behavioral Health Professional (BHP).

This person is responsible for providing intensive, in-home supportive services to children who are experiencing social-emotional difficulties. Services are offered to the child and family in their natural environments, so that skills can be learned and integrated into their day-to-day experiences. The goals for the service are to assist the family to understand the child’s behavior and developmental level, teach the family how to appropriately and therapeutically respond to the child’s treatment needs, assist the child and family with establishing natural supports in order to sustain the progress once treatment ends, and to decrease the symptoms that required intensive services.

Qualifications: This position requires a minimum of a Bachelor's degree in psychology, social work, child development, or related field from an accredited college or university; or, a bachelor's degree in another field, and advanced training in one or more of the above disciplines. In addition, the candidate(s) must provide evidence based on work experience and training to responsibly execute the professional obligations outlined above. Dual certification is required. Primary is Behavioral Health Professional (BHP). Secondary certification required to do after-hour emergency assessments and evaluations is the MHRT-II, as well as OQMHP-C for Children’s Emergency Services.

Forward cover letter, AMHC employment application, resume and transcripts to: Brittany Haines, Human Resources Specialist, AMHC, P.O. Box 1018, Caribou, Maine 04736. Email to:

AMHC is an Equal Opportunity Employer

Contact:Brittany Haines, Human Resources Specialist
Address:PO Box 1018
Caribou, Maine, 04736