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FDA Approves Balloon Device to Treat Obesity - 2015-07-29
"The ReShape Integrated Dual Balloon System has been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to combat adult obesity. Inflated inside the stomach, the device appears to create a sense of fullness, although how it works isn't completely understood, the FDA said in a news release." More

No Significant Pregnancy Risks for Topical Retinoid Exposure - 2015-07-29
"Topical retinoid exposure is not significantly associated with an increased risk of major congenital malformations, spontaneous abortion, low birth weight, or prematurity, according to a review published online July 26 in the British Journal of Dermatology." More

Low Incidence of Diabetic Ketoacidosis With Canagliflozin - 2015-07-29
"For canagliflozin-treated patients with type 2 diabetes, the incidence of serious adverse events of diabetic ketoacidosis is low, according to research published online July 22 in Diabetes Care." More

RAPID Score Validated for Prognosis of Pleural Infections - 2015-07-29
"The recently developed RAPID score, which identifies the risk of mortality in patients with pleural infections based on five clinical factors, has been validated in a diverse patient cohort. The findings have been published online July 20 in the Annals of the American Thoracic Society." More

Routine Dyspnea Severity Assessment Could Aid Care - 2015-07-29
"The majority of hospitalists believe that routinely assessing dyspnea severity would enhance their clinical decision making and positively affect patient care, according to a study published online July 20 in the Journal of Hospital Medicine." More

Probiotic Supplements May Help Prevent Infantile Eczema - 2015-07-29
"Probiotic supplementation in pregnancy and early infancy can prevent infantile eczema, according to a review and meta-analysis published online July 21 in Allergy." More

Scientists Suggest New Way to Predict Lung Cancer Risk - 2015-07-29
"They focused on telomere length, discovered association" More

Social Life May Be Key to Suicide Prevention for Women - 2015-07-29
"Friendships, activities have protective effect in middle-age, study finds." More

Autism Care Costs Could Hit $500 Billion by 2025: Study - 2015-07-29
"Researchers stress need for research to find better interventions, treatments, to lower future spending." More

Drug May Ease Passage When Kidney Stone Strikes - 2015-07-29
"Tamsulosin is especially helpful with larger stones, while smaller ones may pass on their own, study finds." More

Certain Antibiotics Linked to Hearing Loss, Mouse Study Finds - 2015-07-29
"Inflammation caused by the infection that's being treated may make ear damage more likely." More

U.S. Medical Groups Join to Fight Prescription Painkiller Abuse - 2015-07-29
"Special Task Force aims to curb 'epidemic' of addiction to narcotic meds such as Oxycontin, Vicodin." More

Implanted Defibrillators Restore Healthy Heart Function to Many: Study - 2015-07-29
"Findings underscore need to repeatedly check up on patients who get these devices, researcher says." More

Health Tip: Teach Kids to Protect Themselves - 2015-07-29
"Smart strategies to lower danger risk" More

Taking St. John's Wort for Depression Carries Risks: Study - 2015-07-29
"Herbal remedy isn't regulated, and can have same side effects that antidepressants do." More

3969 articles available (Viewing 1 - 15)