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SGO: Promising Research in Treatment of Ovarian Cancer - 2015-03-30
"An experimental vaccine and a drug already on the market each may help slow down advanced ovarian cancer, two new studies suggest. The findings were to be presented Saturday at the annual meeting of the Society of Gynecologic Oncology, held from March 28 to 31 in Chicago." More

Recommendations for Point-of-Care Ultrasound in Peds ER - 2015-03-30
"Pediatric emergency medicine physicians should be trained in point-of-care ultrasonography, according to a policy statement published online March 30 in Pediatrics." More

H. Pylori May Impact Severity of Psoriasis - 2015-03-30
"Helicobacter pylori (H. pylori) infection may affect the severity of psoriasis, according to a study published online March 23 in the International Journal of Dermatology." More

Multiple, Inappropriate Meds Taken by Older Cancer Patients - 2015-03-30
"A pharmacist-led comprehensive medication assessment shows that a high number of older oncology patients use multiple and/or inappropriate medications. The findings were published online March 23 in the Journal of Clinical Oncology." More

Could an Apple a Day Help Keep the Pharmacist Away? - 2015-03-30
"Study finds no effect on doctor visits, but a slight decrease in need for prescription meds." More

Migraine, Carpal Tunnel May Be Linked - 2015-03-30
"Patients with one are more than twice as likely to have the other, study says." More

Synthetic Pot Linked to Kidney Injury - 2015-03-30
"Researchers report on two studies that showed kidney damage in those who used the drug." More

U.S. Kids Getting Fewer Daily Calories From Fast Food - 2015-03-30
"But one-third still eating it every day, study finds." More

Lots of Leafy Greens Might Shield Aging Brains, Study Finds - 2015-03-30
"Vitamin K thought to slow deterioration." More

Health Tip: Are Wisdom Teeth Causing Problems? - 2015-03-30
"Signs you should have them removed " More

Health Tip: Develop Healthy Habits for Contact Lenses - 2015-03-30
"Wash hands before handling your lenses " More

Milliliter-Only Dosing Recommended for Kids' Meds - 2015-03-30
"Using metrics, not teaspoons, reduces medication errors, American Academy of Pediatrics says. " More

U.S. Pediatricians Remain Opposed to Random Drug Tests in Schools - 2015-03-30
"Helping students avoid substance problems is preferred approach." More

Spring Allergies Have Arrived - 2015-03-29
"Expert offers tips to tame springtime sneezing and sniffling." More

Processed Foods the Biggest Chunk of Calories in U.S. Groceries: Study - 2015-03-30
"These items tend to have more fat, sugar and salt than unprocessed foods, researchers say." More

3548 articles available (Viewing 1 - 15)