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Remaining Uninsured May Be Difficult to Reach Via ACA - 2016-05-27
"Uninsurance rates have decreased since the introduction of the Affordable Care Act, but reaching the remaining uninsured may prove challenging, according to a health policy brief published online May 23 in Health Affairs." More

Is Smoking During Pregnancy Tied to Offspring's Schizophrenia Risk? - 2016-05-27
"Scientists measured evidence of exposure in the womb and found an association, but not proof." More

Exploring Zika's Path Through the Placenta - 2016-05-27
"Researchers find the virus can replicate in immune cells." More

U.S. Officials Confirm Superbug Resistant to All Antibiotics - 2016-05-27
"Pennsylvania case suggests it's almost 'the end of the road' for these drugs." More

NIH Experts Cast Doubt on Rat Study Linking Cellphones, Tumors - 2016-05-27
"Rodents exposed to phone radiation actually lived longer than unexposed animals, reviewers point out." More

Health Tip: Breathe Healthier Air at Home - 2016-05-27
"Keep pollutants out " More

Health Tip: Using Aspirin Therapy - 2016-05-27
"Understand potential risks" More

Genetic Breast Cancer Risk Can Be Mediated by Healthy Lifestyle - 2016-05-26
"Women who carry common gene variants linked to breast cancer can still reduce risk of the disease by following a healthy lifestyle, according to research published online May 26 in JAMA Oncology." More

How Much of a Threat Will Zika Be to the United States? - 2016-05-26
"Some leading insect and infectious-disease experts think health officials in the United States are overreacting to the threat posed by the Zika virus this summer." More

Probuphine Implant Approved for Opioid Dependence - 2016-05-26
"New form of treatment designed to last six months " More

Fewer U.S. Kids Die From Abusive Head Trauma: CDC - 2016-05-26
"Parent training helps prevent shaken baby syndrome, other forms of violence, experts agree." More

Mental Disorders Were Most Costly in U.S. in 2013 - 2016-05-26
"Mental disorders were the most costly conditions in the United States in 2013, with a cost of $201 billion, according to a study published in the May issue of Health Affairs." More

Tough Economy, Alcohol Fuels Suicide Risk in Men: Study - 2016-05-26
"But similar link not seen for women." More

Healthy Living May Offset Genetic Breast Cancer Risk - 2016-05-26
"Lifestyle may matter even more when your DNA is working against you, research shows." More

Health Tip: Protect Your Hands While Gardening - 2016-05-26
"Wear gloves, and watch for hazards " More

3741 articles available (Viewing 1 - 15)