Sexual Assault Services

AMHC's Sexual Assault Services provides support, education and advocacy services to persons in Aroostook, Hancock, and Washington Counties by:

  • Providing free sexual assault and/or sexual abuse crisis intervention and support services to individuals, family members or significant others who have been sexually assaulted or sexually harassed, either recently or in the past.
  • Recruiting community volunteers to provide direct services.
  • Conducting public and allied professional education on sexual assault issues.
  • Conducting school-based education on sexual assault, sexual abuse and sexual harassment.
  • Maintaining a Sexual Assault Victim's Fund to purchase items and/or services that directly benefit sexual assault victims in crisis situations.

Services Offered

The 24 hour Sexual Assault Support Line is available to victims of sexual assault, their families and significant others. The Sexual Assault Support Line utilizes volunteers and staff who have undergone an extensive 40-hour training program. The volunteers provide support and crisis intervention services to victims and significant others over the phone.

Sexual Assault Response Services utilizes trained volunteers and staff to provide support and advocacy services to victims of sexual assault by accompanying them to the hospital for a forensic exam, to the police station for the purposes of making a police report, and to the court as a victim proceeds with prosecution.

Support Group Services assist victims and significant others of sexual assault. Support group services are confidential and facilitated by volunteers and staff who have received support group facilitation training and receive ongoing supervision.

School-Based Education Programming seeks to provide sexual assault and sexual harassment prevention education to students in Aroostook County's public, private and alternative schools.

Community and Professional Education Programming seeks to inform the communities of Aroostook County about the crimes of sexual assault and sexual abuse by providing general outreach, presentations to the general public, and professional education to allied professionals.

Aroostook Sexual Assault Response Team (ASART) is a county-wide team of responders to assist victims of sexual assault. This team is comprised of law enforcement officials, medical professionals, and legal professionals, as well as victims and victim rights advocates. The purpose of the ASART is to promote a victim-centered response to sexual assault victims.

The AMHC Sexual Assault Volunteer program is a 40-hour course that prepares volunteers to provide crisis intervention, accompaniment services, and support/advocacy services to survivors of sexual assault and their significant others. The course will cover a wide variety of topics, crisis intervention, medical intervention, law enforcement intervention, as well as the court process.  Several presenters from the across Aroostook County will offer their expertise within their profession. If you are interested in volunteering for AMHC Sexual Assault Services please contact Lydia Christie at 207-493-3361 or by email at

The Sexual Assault Victim's Fund was established to meet the short-term crisis needs of victims of sexual assault. The Fund is primarily used to purchase tracksuits that are left in the Hospital Emergency Departments to be used for victims whose clothes are confiscated as evidence. The Fund can also be used to purchase items such as antibiotics and other medications that the victim may not otherwise afford. For more information contact Lydia Christie, Sexual Assault Service Team Leader, at 207-493-3361 or by email at

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The Maine Coalition Against Sexual Assault (MeCASA)

Statewide Sexual Assault Support Line: 24-Hour phone support, toll-free from anywhere in Maine. Calls are automatically routed to the closest sexual assault crisis and support center. Call 1-800-871-7741.

MeCASA Mission: The Maine Coalition Against Sexual Assault is organized to put an end to sexual assault and sexual abuse in Maine, and to ensure that there will be ongoing support and services for victims and survivors.

MeCASA Goals:

  • To provide a clearinghouse of information, resources and expertise between sexual assault crisis support centers and other individuals, organizations and groups.
  • To provide networking and support among the centers.
  • To collect, compile and distribute statewide statistics.
  • To establish and advocate for minimum standards of operations for the centers.
  • To identify the need and advocate for the establishment of new sexual assault crisis and support centers.
  • To serve as a liaison between sexual assault crisis and support centers and state and federal funding sources.
  • To recommend allocation of state and federal funds for sexual assault crisis and support centers and increase the base funding for sexual assault programs.
  • To initiate and work for legislative reform.
  • To provide statewide training programs and materials.

Other MeCASA Services

Statewide Sexual Assault Support Hotline: 24-Hour hotline toll-free from anywhere in Maine. Calls are automatically routed to the closest sexual assault crisis and support center. Call 1-800-871-7741.

Resource Lending Library: Includes books, workbooks and videos. Also, local sexual assault crisis and support centers will have access to a variety of educational programs and will be available to present them to the appropriate audience.