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Therapeutic Foster Care Parent/Family Trainings & Benefits

As a Therapeutic Foster Care Parent/Family, you can expect that:

  • You will receive weekly visits from a case manager in order to provide support and to assess the needs of the child placed in your home. The service plan strives to address the individual needs of the child and the family, as well as outlining appropriate services to address those needs.
  •  You will meet with the child’s treatment team, which might include a therapist, family support worker, school staff, DHHS guardian, and the child. These meetings will be held on a monthly basis to discuss areas of concern and progress towards treatment goals
  • You will receive support from the agency in regards to your professional development by attending trainings offered by the agency or by having the agency cover the costs associated with attending other approved training, including travel, meals, and hotels.
  • You will be reimbursed at a rate, which is established by DHHS, from $39.38 to $65.62 per day per child. This reimbursement is non-taxable.
  • You will receive 14 days annually of respite per child. Respite providers for foster children are also licensed through DHHS, and will be reimbursed through them.
  • You will receive reimbursement for travel to medical, dental, and mental health appointments; as well as for the child’s visits with their birth family. 
  • Each child receives a monthly clothing allowance from DHHS. The reimbursement rate is dependent on the child’s age.