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More than 30 years ago, four people came together in a discontinued wing of a local community hospital to pursue a single mission--to enhance the quality of life and promote the well-being of the community through the provision of quality mental health, substance abuse, and speech and language services. Over the years, that small group has grown to a staff of more than 300 dedicated employees, and the hospital wing has been replaced by several community service and specialty service sites that operate under the auspices of Aroostook Mental Health Services, Inc. and Aroostook Mental Health Center (AMHC). Today, AMHC covers Aroostook, Hancock, and Washington Counties and serves more than 6,000 individuals annually.

Since it was incorporated as a private non-profit organization in 1964, AMHC has evolved into a behavioral health and speech and language service system. The service system offers a comprehensive continuum of care. Services include prevention, education, consultation, emergency and crisis intervention, assessment, outpatient and residential treatment, employer and student assistance, vocational, housing, and transportation services.

AMHC has also embraced the principles and technology of managed care and is working to develop strategic partnerships with managed care organizations and others in service to the community to develop programs that are sensitive and responsive to consumers. Our goal is to set an example of dedication to our customers and to be recognized as a leader in providing high quality, comprehensive, and cost effective health services.


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