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Staff Recognition



 Judy Holmquist


Judy Holmquist
{Pictured left to right:  Megan Gendreau, Judy Holmquist, Brittany Haines}

 Judy Holmquist was awarded Individual Recognition on June 24th, 2015, for her superior performance in service to various AMHC departments during a time of critical need.  Judy is the quintessential AMHC employee.  She was hired by AMHC on March 25, 1974, and retired one year ago, on June 24, 2014, after forty years of brilliant contributions to the agency as Systems Analyst.  However, within two weeks of retiring, Judy returned to AMHC as a Per Diem employee to once again share her extensive expertise.  On so many occasions and in so many ways, Judy has once more proven to be absolutely essential to our success.  Her astute ability to tackle matters related to benefits, with superb financial results; her excellent assistance in streamlining hiring processes; her remarkable consultative work with agency audits, all highlight her unique mastery of agency key functions along with her longstanding deep dedication to the agency.   Judy, words cannot express how great is our gratitude for all you accomplished in forty years… and continue to contribute to AMHC now!  Congratulations, Wonder Woman!!



 Caribou Admin Support Team

 Caribou Admin Team
{Pictured left to right: Lisa LaCasse, Kimberly Patterson, Christine Foster, Andrea Peterson}

 On May 13, 2015, Caribou Outpatient Administrative Support Team was celebrated for their extraordinary performance, and for being so essential to our success. Caribou Administrative Team received a Team Recognition Award for demonstrating incredible skill and competency in all areas of their duties and responsibilities.  They display a deep willingness to help, and are very gracious and generous with their time when it comes to training, assisting, and mentoring office clinical staff in view of increasing their administrative skill and subsequent success in completing administrative tasks associated with client care.  Their unfailing support and significant contributions to the Caribou Outpatient Team has been conducive to building and maintaining high office morale.  Caribou Administrative Support Team is a shining example of customer service consistently delivered in a very friendly, client-focused manner. 

Lisa, Kim, Christine, and Andy, you make us proud!  Congratulations on your award!


Clay Norman


Clay Norman
{Pictured: Clay Norman}

 Clay Norman was honored with an Individual Recognition Award on May 13, 2015, because of his exceptional performance at the Machias Outpatient Office in support of AMHC Emergency Services, making him so essential to our success.  Clay is availability and flexibility personified!  He never hesitates to step in to provide coverage for an evaluation, many times at a moment’s notice and putting agency need above his own.  One example is when Clay was driving away on a family trip and got a call from Emergency Services who was in need of an evaluator.  He immediately turned around and came to work to provide the intervention.  Now, that is dedication!  In addition, Clay is highly valued by his team for his gentle and humble demeanor, total reliability, and for the great work he also accomplishes as a Home and Community Treatment (HCT) service provider in the community.  Clay joined AMHC on March 7, 2011, and we have been fortunate to have him ever since.  Clay, you are amazing and very deserving of this recognition!  Congratulations!


Jace Farris

 Jace Farris
{Pictured left to right: Jace Farris, Jennette Hitchcock}

On May 13th, 2015, Jace Farris was presented with an Individual Recognition Award for his stellar performance at the Machias Outpatient Office in support of recruitment activities, as well as in the provision of Emergency Service evaluations.  Jace served as an effective promoter of AMHC services by flawlessly modeling high professionalism and competency at the Machias Job Fair, and he engaged community members around AMHC services in a very knowledgeable and enthusiastic manner.  This is impressive enough, but especially since Jace had previously been out on an emergency evaluation until 2:00 a.m.!  As an Emergency Services evaluator, Jace has gained an excellent reputation, as evidenced by customer praise from both the individuals served and community collaterals.  It is noteworthy that Jace became an employee of AMHC only one year ago, on July 14, 2014.  Happy Anniversary, Jace!  In such a short time, you have become essential to our success and a great ambassador for AMHC!  Kudos on your Award!



 Travis Christie
{Pictured left to right: Heather Ofria, Travis Christie}

On May 13th, 2015, Travis Christie was surprised with an Individual Recognition Award for his exemplary performance as a member of Claims and Reimbursement Team at Central Office, and demonstration that he is essential to our success.  A short paragraph cannot capture every merit leading to Travis’ recognition.  Travis is by far one of the most patient, calm, kind, caring, and deeply service-driven individuals on staff at AMHC.  He is absolutely outstanding in his responsiveness to requests, which come to him from all directions, as well as new work tasks he is asked to assume due to his high proficiency.  Travis models impeccable professionalism at all times and is a fantastic team player.  What’s more, he has been employed at AMHC since October 6, 1998, and throughout his career, he has achieved excellence in all of his undertakings.   Travis, we admire you for being the wonderful person and great professional asset to AMHC that you are!   Congratulations on your achievement!



Sylvio Dubois

Sylvio Dubois
{Pictured left to right: Peter McCorison, Sylvio Dubois}

On April 9th, 2015, Sylvio Dubois was presented with an Individual Recognition Award for his exemplary performance at Residential Treatment Facility (RTF).  Sylvio has been employed with AMHC since 8/26/1991 – almost 24 years! This award was another moment of deep appreciation for Sylvio, and for his being so essential to our success.  Sylvio is one of the pillars of substance abuse services at AMHC… and as a person, he is one of a kind!  Sylvio has a gift for touching lives in ways unparalleled.  He demonstrates exceptional leadership as RTF Team Leader, as well as a serious dedication to team professional growth.  He is valued for being a model substance abuse counselor, and for his unwavering willingness to go above and beyond in service to our customers. Sylvio is known to extend himself for any client transportation need regardless of the hour, both on and off shift.   Sylvio, you are an amazing person, and a tremendous asset to AMHC!  Congratulations!


Sarah Dufour

Sarah Dufour
{Pictured left to right: Shawna Traugh, Sarah Dufour}

On March 24, 2015, Sarah Dufour was celebrated through the presentation to her of an Individual Recognition Award for her outstanding performance with Therapeutic Foster Care (TFC).  Sarah is so essential to our success because of her high initiative and leadership around enhancing service provision, as well as her excellence and professionalism in service to her clients with the entire scope of her interventions involving case management, home development, supportive visitation, and skills training. In addition, Sarah’s great contributions and support to TFC teamwork have been a huge factor in the increase of service volume.  She is admired for her enthusiasm and high energy, which both are as palpable as her smile is radiant.   Sarah began as a member of AMHC on January 6, 2014.  In addition to her current position responsibilities, Sarah is presently stretching professionally by having new experiences through her Master’s-level internship.  Sarah, congratulations on your recognition award and best wishes for success with your academic goal!





Barb Faye
{Pictured left to right: Christine Brown, Barb Faye, Megan Shea}

On February 18th, 2015, Barb Faye was surprised by an Individual Recognition award for her superior performance as a member of Central Office IT Department.  Barb has such incredible skill for continuously multi-tasking with tremendous power of concentration.  She has exceptional ability to quickly gain excellence with all new tasks such as ClaimTrak entries, doing the review of all billable registers, and the monthly reports and information verification, all in support of billing department and the agency’s System Analyst/Developer.  She is a real rock with her consistent willingness to extend herself to assist co-workers with an immediate need in the moment, as well as being a positive influence on others by radiating a calm and serene demeanor at all times. Also, Barb is a pillar of Central Office, having been with AMHC since June 14, 1976 (and where were you on that date???) For all of this, Barb, you are truly essential to our success!  Congratulations on your award and long history of achievement with AMHC!



Jacqueline Hardy
{Pictured left to right: Amber York, Jacqueline Hardy}

Jacqueline Hardy was presented with an Individual Recognition award on February 10, 2015, for her stellar performance as a Family Visitation Specialist at Houlton Outpatient Office.  Jacqueline demonstrates consistent excellence in her collaboration with DHHS, and in making a significant difference in the lives of children and families.  She goes above and beyond to offer quick responsiveness and ongoing flexibility with rapid schedule changes when the need arises to accommodate families.  Jacqueline role models high proficiency in all areas of her services and is also greatly appreciated and respected for her total dependability and reliability, which is core to this important service being successful.  Jacqueline’s high performance is all the more laudable, given that she became an employee of AMHC less than a year ago, having started her position with AMHC on May 19, 2014. Jacqueline, you’re essential to our success and a wonderful representative of AMHC Family Visitation Services.   Congratulations on your award!


Jessica Day

Jessica Day
{Pictured left to right: Kevin Sample, Jessica Day, Bruce Cook}

On February 18th, 2015, Jessica Day received an Individual Recognition Award for her outstanding performance as a Residential Counselor at the Calais Residential Site.  Jessica is essential to our success due to her equanimity and grace in the face of challenging residential situations and excellence with task completion.  She demonstrates high flexibility with assisting with coverage needs and tremendous dedication to integrating new learning in view of strengthening her skills.  Her uplifting, positive energy makes her a delight to work with.  Jessica received her award just one day after celebrating her first anniversary with AMHC, as she joined the agency on February 17th, 2014.  Congratulations, Jessica, on your recognition award and for being such a great counselor and team player at Calais CCSU/Residential site!



Jessica Melhiser
{Pictured left to right: Kevin Sample, Jessica Melhiser, Bruce Cook}

Jessica Melhiser was presented with an Individual Recognition Award on February 18th, 2015, for her outstanding performance as a Crisis Counselor at the Calais Crisis Stabilization Unit.  Jessica shines in the positive impact she has on team functioning due to her unshakable reliability and her congenial, honest and caring demeanor.  Also, she undertakes with excellence her roles as shift lead, case lead/management with Crisis and administration of medication.  She is the utmost professional with all customers and co-workers, and is relentless in the hard work she provides, as well as in extending herself readily to accommodate team members’ unexpected needs for coverage and other assistance.  Jessica began her career with AMHC on September 20, 2013, and this award speaks to how much she is essential to our success.  Congratulations, Jessica!  


Kevin Sample

Kevin Sample
{Pictured left to right: Lori Carr, Kevin Sample, Bruce Cook}

On February 18th, 2015, Kevin Sample was surprised with an Individual Recognition Award for her exemplary performance as Site Coordinator at the Calais CCSU/Residential site.  Kevin’s exemplary performance encompasses numerous qualities she possesses.  She has superior ethical standards, a strong work ethic, and extraordinary clinical acumen.  She is the quintessential supervisor by way of her deeply respectful, attentive, and caring approach with team members, as well as her high investment in quality programming and promoting staff professional development.  Kevin has a remarkable ability to attend to all challenges and barriers with unfailing optimism, poignant humor and she seizes each difficult situation as a beneficial learning opportunity.  Kevin embodies the recognition theme “you’re essential to our success”, and we have been fortunate to have her with AMHC since August 12, 2013.  Kevin, congratulations on your award and for being so amazing!




Gail Dodd

Gail Dodd{Pictured left to right: Sylvio Dubois, Gail Dodd, Peter McCorison}

On January 8, 2015, Gail Dodd was presented with an Individual Recognition award for her exceptional performance as Substance Abuse Counselor at Residential Treatment Facility (RTF).  Gail has demonstrated that she is essential to our success for several major reasons:   her total availability and high clinical proficiency; assisting co-workers regardless of the time and day of need; her pattern of very high initiative with completing additional duties and responsibilities in support of the team, as well as her extensive dedication over the years to the RTF program.  Gail first joined AMHC on May 9, 1988, until her departure in 2002.  We were lucky enough to have Gail return to AMHC on 9/6/2005 at the RTF, where she has been a huge asset ever since.   Congratulations on your award, Gail!  You are awesome!


Kristi Michaud

Kristi Michaud
{Pictured left to right: Heather Ofria, Kristi Michaud, Robyn Bonville}

Kristi Michaud received Individual Recognition on January 7, 2015, for her extraordinary performance as a member of Claims and Reimbursement Team (CRT) at Central Office.  Kristi was awarded this recognition due to her many stand-out contributions to team-building and team morale through her warm generosity and soft sensitivity to team member needs.  In addition, her relentless efforts and astute task-completion with all her claims administrative work, as well as her cheerful demeanor in her daily approach to co-workers and customers, make a professional blend as wonderful as the variety of desserts she regularly brings to her co-workers.  Kristi’s demonstration that she’s essential to our success was also widely recognized when she was recently hired as the new Accounts Payable/Purchasing Specialist for AMHC, after having been with AMHC in CRT since September 16, 2013. Kristi, congratulations on your award and best wishes for great success in your new position!



Michael Yarema
{Pictured left to right: Sylvio Dubois, Michael Yarema, Peter McCorison}

On January 8, 2015, Michael was presented with an Individual Recognition award for his stellar performance as Substance Abuse Counselor at Residential Treatment Facility (RTF).  Michael is admired for the high-quality counseling services he provides, as well as his excellence as Waiting List Lead due to his ability to actively and effectively engage customers waiting for admission to remain motivated for treatment.  He is successful in his collaboration with Access Center and payer sources, as evidenced by the increased volume of service delivery and subsequent increased revenue for RTF, which all demonstrate that Michael is very essential to our success. Also, Michael joined AMHC in September 1995, and, therefore, will celebrate his 20th anniversary with AMHC on September 2, 2015.   Way to go, Michael!  Congratulations on your award and your successful career at AMHC!


Tia Shaw – Daren Levesque

Tia Shaw - Daren Levesque
{Pictured left to right: Tia Shaw, Daren Levesque}

On January 14, 2015, Daren Levesque and Tia Shaw each received an Individual Recognition award for their exemplary performance and being so essential to our success with Emergency Services debriefing during a time of critical need due to a community tragedy.  Each was immediately responsive to the call for action, and provided the highest quality of service with compassion and amazing skill to the numerous individuals impacted.  In doing so, they served as excellent ambassadors for AMHC’s mission to the community.  Tia Shaw joined AMHC on August 19, 2013, and is a Substance Abuse Counselor at the Caribou Outpatient Office.  Daren Levesque is an Emergency Services Specialist based in the Caribou Outpatient Office and was hired on June 9, 2014.  While this recognition of Tia and Daren is for a specific event, each is also celebrated by their team for being  top-notch professionals whose respective contributions are valued daily.  Thank you, Tia and Daren, for your interventions of assistance and comfort under such devastating circumstances, and kudos to both of you on your recognition award!