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Therapeutic Foster Care: A Service Overview

“Providing caring environments, stability, and direction for children and adolescents in transition”

It is AMHC’s goal to provide the children placed in our therapeutic foster care program with a safe, nurturing environment. AMHC’s Therapeutic Foster Care Program provides therapeutic foster homes to children in need of healthy out of home placements. This may be due to trauma, abuse and neglect issues, aggressiveness towards others, and/or medical problems. Children in our program range in age from birth to 20 years old. They are in need of supervision, stability, and a nurturing and supportive home. Children are referred to AMHC from the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS). AMHC attempts to match a child with the most appropriate therapeutic foster home for placement.

Foster parents are trained to address the needs of the children placed in their home, as well as support the relationships that children have with their birth families. Birth families are viewed as an integral part of the treatment team, as they can provide useful information about their children. Therapeutic foster parents are also recognized as an important part in the treatment team. As such, AMHC believes in supporting foster parents through respite, trainings, and supervision. Foster parents also work with other professionals to identify treatment needs and goals of the children placed in their care.

If you have any questions about AMHC’s Therapeutic Foster Care services, please contact a TFC Case Manager at 207-493-3361, x313.


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