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Crisis Stabilization Units

AMHC operates three 24/7 Crisis Stabilization Units; one for adults and 2 for children and adolescents.  The units are supervised and highly supportive short-term residential settings for individuals experiencing an acute emotional disturbance.  The crisis units offer those who do need short term 24/7 oversight and support to remain in the community to obtain pre-crisis level of functioning within a short amount of time.  The services location and contact information for referrals:

  • Adult Crisis Stabilization Unit, 162 Main Street, Presque Isle, Maine, 1-800-432-7805.
  • Children’s Crisis Stabilization Unit, 8 Wesleyan Street, Fort Fairfield, Maine, 207-473-9285.
  • Children’s Crisis Stabilization Unit, 127 Palmer Street, Calais, Maine, 207-454-0775

AMHC accepts MaineCare and most forms of private insurance.