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Personal Recovery Stories

  • Sylvio’s Story 
    AMHC saved my life. On the December 20, 1980, I found myself with yet another OUI, the second that year and the fifth one in my life. I had tried to stop, I had been to rehab, I’d tried counseling, and nothing seemed to work. Going against a denial system, I decided to try one more time. Just maybe it would at the least keep me out of jail. I called AMHC as a last resort. The service I received that day and next couple of weeks was phenomenal. I wish I could say what happened in the next 29 days but most details seem to elude me. I do know that somehow my denial was broken and I accepted my addiction and my attitude towards recovery changed. I received individual counseling which got me through the cooking chore and a process called the First Step, I was even encouraged o facilitate the Thursday morning group while staff did case review and even though I told the staff afterwards that I would never sit in that chair again,it was an experience that was so uplifting that I will never forget it. I used AMHC services when going through a divorce. Today I am proud to say that I in my fourth decade of continued sobriety.


  • Betty’s Story
    I had a lot of days that I wouldn’t get dressed, ate to soothe the depression. I cried a lot and I had a very hard time dealing with the loss of my grandson. I couldn’t speak his name without crying.  Coming to AMHC has been a blessing. My therapist Theresa has helped me so much. She is so wonderful. She is always there for me.  I am feeling so much better. Theresa has gotten me through this. I can actually talk about him although I miss him very much my day to day life has improved and I’m not as angry.  Please continue your good work.  I wasn’t so sure going to AMHC was a good idea. I am so glad I did go. My life is so much better. It’s hard to thank folks enough for helping bring happiness back in my life. God Bless.”


  • Mark’s Story
    I have been working with a counselor at AMHC for several years for help with my severe anxiety and Tourette’s Syndrome. AMHC helped me find a job and housing for myself and my wife. I have a full time temp job that was made a permanent position and I have been named the employee of the month at Lowes. I was able to find my own apartment without financial assistance or counselor support.


  • Anonymous Client
    AMHC made my life better.  Before I came to AMHC 22 years ago, my life was horrible and disorganized. I was almost going to jail. I was using alcohol and drugs. I was making bad choices on friends. AMHC helped me get back on my feet and offered me a good support system to keep me clean and sober. They treated me the way I wanted to be treated. They treated me with respect.  They kept me sober and clean and helped me get back on my meds and providing me with structure that I need. The staff is great.  The case managers are awesome to work with. I recommend to anybody who needs or is thinking to get help. AMHC is the best way to go.