Purpose and History

AMHC is a private, non-profit community health and social service organization with operations in Aroostook, Washington, and Hancock Counties, Maine. We offer mobile crisis response and stabilization, outpatient, behavioral health home, rehabilitation, residential, peer support, family visitation, case management and educational services to meet the community’s mental health, substance use, sexual assault, crisis and brain injury (Aroostook only) treatment, and recovery needs.

  • AMHC’s Mission: To provide integrated healthcare services that maximize an individual’s potential to recover and improve their quality of life.
  • AMHC’s Vision: To improve the well-being of our community.
  • AMHC’s Values:
    • Integrity: Treating everyone consistently by the same set of sound, moral and ethical principles.
    • Compassion: Seeking to fully understand another’s situation and improve their well-being.
    • Excellence: Maintaining a commitment to quality and exceptional service.
    • Service: Providing assistance to others and making contributions to our communities.
    • Collaboration: Working in partnership with others, we can achieve more than by working alone.
    • Respect: Having high regard for every individual’s rights, responsibilities, and abilities.

AMHC was born in 1964 out of the efforts of the then Aroostook County Health Council.  Over the past 5 decades, AMHC has grown and developed into an agency that offers a comprehensive continuum of behavioral health and social services in our home county, Aroostook, and in Hancock and Washington Counties.

In the words of AMHC’s first Executive Director, Bob Vickers:

Prior to the inception of the Aroostook Mental Health Center, no mental health services were available in all of Aroostook County.  People in need of services either went without or went to Bangor.  It was out of this desperate need that the Aroostook Mental Health Center was born.  It was a commitment to providing services to people in need that was a primary tenet in the development of the center.  Another tenet was the provision of a broad range of services to meet the needs of many different populations: the chronically mentally ill, the acutely mentally ill, families and children with mental health problems, the alcoholics, the families of alcoholics, and education regarding mental health to the general population.

Our greatest reward from the work that we do is helping others and to be recognized as a trusted service provider made up of caring individuals working together to make a difference in the lives of others.  The most reliable, consistent factor contributing to AMHC’s success over these many years is the compassion and commitment to service exhibited by staff, leadership, board members and community members to meet the needs of children, youth, adults and families in need of service.  Because of all of you, AMHC has successfully worked through countless healthcare policy, practice and funding changes in 50 years and consistently come through it stronger and more committed than ever to achieving our founding purpose.

AMHC has grown from a staff of 4 in 1964 to more than 300 today. When we received our first staffing grant in 1970, we served 1,600 individuals with a budget of $600,000.  Today, we provide 156,000 face-to-face contacts to approximately 4,500 individuals on an $18.5 million budget.

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